10 Amazing Things To Do in Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is a name not too strange for international visitors. When you come here you will be attracted by the ancient beauty of this place. With the article 10 best things to do in Hoi An when traveling in Hoi An. I hope you will find the most suitable destination in your trip.

1. Walk Around the streets of Hoi An Ancient Town

When coming to the old town, the best thing is to walk around the streets and admire the old houses and enjoy glasses of sweet sugarcane juice. Many famous places associated with Hoi An ancient town you should visit on the main streets such as Tran Phu Street, Nhat Ban Bridge, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Bach Dang Street along Hoai River, Assembly Hall of Guangdong.

2. Top Things To Do in Hoi An – Boat trip on Hoai River

Boats used to carry passengers on the river are completely rowed by hand, do not use mechanical engines, so visitors feel the peaceful atmosphere of the old town. You will enjoy the view of the riverside with hundreds of year old houses, the bustling people. When sitting on the boat, visitors also listen to stories from boatmen to Hoi An and life here. This experience is even more wonderful when you go sailing in the evening. The lantern hanging down the sparkling river and the flowering lights floating on the water stream will be an unforgettable impression in you

Things To Do in Hoi An

3.Visit Tra Que vegetable village

Located about 3 km from the center of Hoi An Ancient Town , Tra Que vegetable village is a place where dozens of vegetables are provided to the old town as well as other areas. This is a very popular tourist attraction, 3 famous vegetables in this village include basil, lettuce and cilantro. The vegetables here are grown in a clean process, the soil is applied with seaweed picked up from the river.

Tourists can buy tours to Tra Que vegetable village or go by motorbike or bicycle. Come here, you will experience the work of vegetable growers, listen to introduction of vegetable fields, care process . If you want to learn about Vietnamese village life. This is one of the great things to do in Hoi An for you

Things To Do in Hoi An

4. Cycling around the old town

In addition to walking around the old  town by walking, you can explore Hoi An by renting bicycles. With an old town area not too wide, the road is easy to find … suitable for you to implement this experience. On the way, visitors remember to visit the Assembly Hall of Guangdong, Chua Cau, old houses hundreds of years old … Besides, visitors can ride their bike out of the old town, discover the peaceful village scene with Rice fields, dykes, rustic life of residents around Hoi An.

Things To Do in Hoi An

5.Get Tailor-Made Clothes

In Hoi An there are many interesting things for foreign tourists, one of which is the shops specializing in sewing pants, shirts, … that can be taken in the day. Forbes Magazine once honored one of the “fast-tailoring” shops in Hoi An because of its unique service and professional service.

Only after about 4 hours, visitors can receive the item that they just ordered. Tailored clothes in Hoi An are of good quality, trendy and prices only range from 15 to 100 USD. If you want to experience the feeling of tailoring clothes quickly. This is one of the interesting things to do in Hoi An.

Things To Do in Hoi An

6.Things To Do in Hoi An – Visit The Ancient Temples Of My Son

When in Hoi An, the ruins of My Son are well-worth the visit. The old temples are just one hour from Hoi An and are situated in the valley of a beautiful green forest.

Because there are so many bombings here during the Vietnam War, almost all temples are partly destroyed. You can’t compare it to other well-maintained temple sites like for example Angkor Wat, but a day tour to these ruins, that are taken over by the jungle, is something you can’t miss. You can go here by renting a motorbike and using google map

7.Eat An Authentic Banh Mi Sandwich 

Bread is a unique dish of Vietnamese Cuisine. According to the famous chef Anthony Bourdain, Hoi An is home to the best Banh Mi sandwich. With slices of grilled pork, pate, cucumber along with typical vegetables and sauces make Hoi An bread extremely delicious and attractive. There are two very famous bakeries in Hoi An where you should try it once: Phuong bread (at Phan Chau Trinh street) and Madam Khanh bread (Tran Cao Van street)

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8.Things To Do in Hoi An – Drink Coffee In Old Town

After walking around the old town, you can stop at a roadside cafe to enjoy coffee and relax. The cafes in Hoi An are not too wide but are decorated with nostalgic style along with deep tones make the space more simple but also very close to everyone. When entering the coffee shops, you will be able to remove the bustle and noise of the outside to soak up the quiet space and the aroma of aromatic coffee. You can choose coffee shops with 2nd floor to see the whole surrounding landscape

Drink Coffee In hoi an

9. Things To Do in Hoi An At Night – Drop flower lights on Hoai River

The scenery of Hoi An ancient town becomes more attractive in the evening, which is the time when thousands of flower lights are lit. On the 1st and 15th of the lunar month, visitors can participate in dropping flower lights on the Hoai River. The calm, quiet river surface suddenly glowed with hundreds of sparkling flower lights. At present, flower lights are still available for sale all day, so you can buy and drop them with your wisheslune productions Hoi An

10.Enjoy Cao Lau dish

Cao Lau is Hoi An special dish that anyone who comes here should try once. The origin of this name is very interesting. In the past, when traders came to Hoi An to trade, they often enjoyed this dish on the “high floor” to look after the goods. Since then, this dish is called Cao Lau. (Cao = High, Lau = Floor)

Guests can enjoy this dish at the Thanh restaurant which is located at 26 Thai Phien streets. In addition, restaurants for foreign guests along Bach Dang Street also serve Cao Lau dish.If you are a person who loves culinary discovery. This is one of the things to do in Hoi An that you can’t miss

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