5 Reasons You Should Explore Ha Long Bay by Cruise After Covid-19

By | March 23, 2022

The old 5-star yacht is mainly for tourists with solid finances. However, after the pandemic, the price of this service has become more reasonable for the vast majority of visitors. Below here are 5 Reasons You Should Explore Ha Long Bay by Cruise After Covid-19

1. Cheap price

Although it is a 5-star experience, the prices offered by the yachts since reopening are low (about 150-170 USD/person/night excluding shuttle bus and other services). According to many travel agencies, this price is less than half of the time before the epidemic.

We can say that the current price is suitable for the pocket of most tourists. Tourists assess that international visitors starting to return to Vietnam may push the cost of 5-star yachts higher next year.

With about 170 million VND spent, you will experience SUP rowing, kayaking on the bay, visiting caves and islands or learning to cook, and practicing martial arts in the morning…

Main meals and breakfast are also included in the above price. Dinner is usually served in a beautiful, refined dining style, combining Western culinary art and Vietnam Cuisine. If you are the type that likes to “live virtual” with food before enjoying it, this will be the perfect choice for you.

2. Beautiful Space

Many people used to visit the bay on ordinary tourist boats during the day. However, the scale and class of these boats are far behind 5-star yachts.

Most of the 5-star yachts on Ha Long and Lan Ha bays are invested in design. Many ships also have their own art spaces for visitors to learn about or take pictures.

The most valuable feature any 5-star yacht has is a balcony with a bay view. This is also the favorite photography angle of many young tourists. In addition, the deck area with a panoramic view of the bay is also a suitable location for photos taken with drones.

3. Reasonable Sightseeing Itinerary

Most of the 5-star cruises on Ha Long and Lan Ha bays operate on a two-day-one-night schedule. At first glance, many people will think this is a relatively short schedule, but it is pretty suitable.

After checking in and having lunch, you will have an hour to rest before entering the afternoon outdoor activities such as kayaking, SUP paddling, visiting the bay or catching the sunset, afternoon tea… Rest for about an hour. , you will go to a restaurant for dinner and spend about an hour or two at the bar (if you like).

Until about after 10 pm, all activities on the bay ended. You can spend time resting or playing with friends and relatives some games prepared on board (or brought) such as board games, chess, seahorses…

The following day is the time to exercise, visit the bay, have lunch before checking out and returning to shore.

The schedule has been reasonably calculated to rest, activity, and fun time for visitors. A few operators operate the three-day 2-night tour, letting you spend almost a day in a location other than the bay. If you spend too much time on the bay, many people will not like it because there is almost nothing to do but admire the scenery.

4. Friendly Staff

The fourth epidemic caused the yachts to cut a large number of personnel. According to a survey of reporters, most boats currently only hold about 30% of their personnel compared to the last time.

Before this time, I had the opportunity to experience the service on a 5-star yacht. They arrange a guest table with a dedicated staff to respond to customers’ requests immediately. Of course, the number of personnel is insufficient to serve like that.

However, the staff on the yacht I’ve been on are polite, considerate, and most importantly, always smile at customers. The gesture of waving goodbye and greeting when customers get on / off the train is a big plus in their service.

5. No phone signal

This seems absurd, but it’s reasonable when you want to spend a whole day relaxing after a long tiring week. The phone signal is almost absent or intermittent (sometimes the signal is strong).

Therefore, it is difficult for you to “hug” to work once you have set foot on the boat. However, this can also be a minus point for those who regularly work, including holidays.

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