6 Amazing Things To Do In Hue Vietnam

If one day you suddenly want to temporarily away from the noise and bustle where you live, Hue is an ideal choice. With poetic and ancient landscape. Hue will bring you a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere in the world. When you come here, remember not to miss the 6 things to do in Hue below!

1. Top Things To Do In Hue – Visit the Imperial Citadel

Hue Citadel is one of the most popular tourist spots in Hue today. As a world cultural heritage built from the Nguyen Dynasty, this large complex includes many unique architectural works such as Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Kien Trung Palace and Phung Tien Palace, all surrounded by high walls. Although the Imperial City suffered much damage through many wars but some parts were restored.

Although famous but it is still very quiet because of its large area. It’s easy for you to escape the noise and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while contemplating history and admiring the remaining details. When you wander in the Imperial City, passing through the crumbling walls and peeling walls, take a moment to imagine how gorgeous it was in its heyday.

Things to do in hue vietnam

2. Trying the authentic Hue Food

Cuisine in Hue can be called extremely rich and unique. It is a paradise of eating with dishes known to be the best and cheapest. The dishes are always unique and hard to find elsewhere. Certain dishes you must try such as: Mussel Rice, Hue Beef Vermicelli, Cakes, Sweet Soups

Things To Do In Hue

3. Best Things To Do In Hue – Visit Thien Mu Pagoda

In addition to visiting Hue Citadel, Trang Tien Bridge, anyone should once go backward to the Perfume River to visit the famous Thien Mu Pagoda. Thien Mu Pagoda is located 5km west of Hue City, visitors can rent a motorbike or take a boat to visit the pagoda.

Most prominent in the population of Thien Mu Pagoda is Phuoc Duyen Tower. The 7-storey tower built in front of the pagoda is an image of art, appearing in many paintings and photos of Hue Imperial City.

On each floor of the tower are placed Buddha statues, inside there is a spiral staircase leading to the top floor. In the past, the highest floor of the tower worshiped a golden Buddha image.

In front of Phuoc Duyen Tower was Huong Nguyen shrines with Dharma wheel placed on the roof. When the wind blows, the wheel will turn for visitors to admire.

With the beauty of ancient and dignified beauty, harmony with the natural scenery of the river. Certainly Thien Mu Pagoda will give you a feeling of serenity difficult to describe.

Things To Do In Hue

4. Discover the royal tombs

There are many important royal tombs in Hue, the final resting place for Nguyen Dynasty emperors. The most visited tombs include Tomb of Minh Mang, Khai Dinh and Tu Duc.If you are a history lover and explore the tombs. This is one of the things to do in Hue that you cannot ignore.

Having been king for 7 years, King Minh Mang began looking for a location to build the tomb and after 14 years of consideration until 1840, the king decided to start building the tomb. Unfortunately, he died just four months after the tomb began to be built.

Tu Duc Tomb is one of the most beautiful tombs built in a beautiful area including a small lake. What is special is that the tomb was built for the king but he decided to be buried in another secret place. So even though people can visit him here, the place where he is really resting is still a mystery.

Khai Dinh Tomb is often considered the last cultural remnant of the Nguyen Dynasty. This magnificent tomb takes a decade to complete.

These three graves are places to visit once when traveling to Hue. There are also four other tombs in the area that are also open to visitors. If you have plenty of time, you should also consider adding those places to your schedule.

Things To Do In Hue

5. Cruise In A Boat On The Perfume River

Perfume River is a big river flowing through the heart of Hue City, a famous river with poetic and lyrical beauty. You can stroll and bike along the beautiful river but if you want to see all the beauty of Hue, when the weather is cool and fresh air. You should hire a boat along the river and drop your soul watching the beautiful scenery on both sides. Surely this will be an experience that you cannot forget. This is one of the things to do in Hue that I feel like the most

6.Things To Do In Hue At Night – Hue Walking Street

Is a new tourist destination in Hue. Come to Hué Night Walking Street, you will be immersed in the lively space. The streets become more bustling than ever before by interesting and interesting recreational activities. With performances of street music or art performances at night.

In addition, there is a lot of restaurants and eateries in Hué Night Walking Street area that make up a bustling culinary area. Here, you can enjoy Hue specialties such as: Banh Beo Hue, Bun Bo Hue. This is one of the amazing things to do in Hue at night

It takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 6 pm to 2 am. Like the other walking streets, all kinds of vehicles are banned travelling here during the event, so keep moving in your ways.

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