90% of Singapore Tourists Look Forward To Returning To Vietnam

By | March 19, 2022

This is the result of a survey of nearly 1,000 Singaporeans passing through Changi Airport by Singapore’s Changi Airport Corporation (CAG) from November 24 to December 8, 2021.

Information from the Changi Air Hub page on LinkedIn said that Vietnam was one of Changi’s top 10 markets in 2019, so Changi National Airport surveyed Singaporeans about their sentiments.

For Vietnam tourism. CAG’s collection of nearly 1,000 responses from passengers using services at Changi International Airport that CAG received shows remarkable information.

The question “Which top tourist destination in Vietnam do you choose?” received quite focused answers.

In general, survey respondents chose three big cities and Vietnam’s most prominent tourist centers, namely Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Vietnam’s famous tourist destination, such as Ha Long Bay.

For the question “When are you ready to travel to Vietnam?”, 90% of Singaporean travelers said they are ready to backpack Vietnam when international travel restrictions are lifted.

95% of respondents said they want to travel to Vietnam for relaxation. And the same percentage of respondents said they plan to travel to Vietnam to rest for seven days or more.

The survey results also show that some characteristics of Vietnam are highly appreciated by tourists, including beautiful scenery, rich cultural and historical traditions, unique cuisine, and amiable Vietnamese people.

From this survey result, the Tourism Advisory Council believes that Vietnam’s implementation of opening up to international tourism will significantly increase potential demand.

Together with the Research and Development Board of the private economy and several units, this agency has just sent a petition to the Prime Minister proposing to remove the international tourism restrictions from March 15.

Meanwhile, Changi Air Hub said it looks forward to closer travel exchanges between the two countries soon.

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