Balut Vietnam – All Things You Need To Know

By | July 13, 2022

Balut Vietnam is a dish many foreign tourists are interested in and want to enjoy when traveling to Vietnam. So what is this dish? And it has horror, as some bloggers describe it. Don’t worry; all these questions will be answered in our article.

1. What is Balut?

Balut is a dish made from duck eggs when the duck embryo in the egg has developed into a shape. This is one of the famous street food in Vietnam and a nutritious dish many people love.

Balut in Vietnam is always eaten with laksa leaves and dried salt, pepper, and lemon or dipping sauce. Vietnamese people often add hot and spicy spices such as chili and ginger to the sauce to reduce the fishy taste of balut when eating.

To cook balut: First, wash the eggs, boil for 8 minutes, turn off the heat and leave it there for 20 minutes, take out, break the shells, and eat while still hot.

Besides the traditional way of cooking, Vietnamese people also have many different ways to cook balut, such as sautee balut with tamarind, sautee balut with garlic butter, boiled balut with soup gourd, and sautee balut with fish sauce.

Balut in Vietnamese is often called “trung vit lon”. However, in the south of Vietnam, people call this dish “hot vit lon” or “hot zit lon”.

2. How To Eat Balut Vietnam

Each region has a different way of enjoying balut; in North Vietnam, the balut is removed from the shell and immediately placed in a small bowl, and the eater uses a spoon to eat with the dipping sauce.

In the Central and Southern regions of Vietnam, balut is placed on a small glass with the big end facing up, peeled at the top, then served with salt, pepper, lemon, or dipping sauce.

Foreign tourists and those who see balut for the first time are often afraid and do not dare to eat this dish. The reason is probably that the shape of the duck has formed all parts making many people so scared. So this dish often appears as a TV show of courage.

3. Things To Know When Eating Balut

Balut is a nutritious food, but if you eat a lot, it will cause indigestion. Therefore, eating balut with laksa leaves (a popular herb in Vietnam) will help you avoid cold stomachs, flatulence, and digestive problems.

It would be best if you ate balut in the morning, avoid eating it in the evening because this is an indigestible dish. If you eat balut in the evening, when you go to sleep, you will feel uncomfortable and tired because of bloating, and not digestible.

Eating a lot of baluts and eating regularly also causes the body to have an excess of vitamin A. This excess amount of vitamin A will accumulate under the skin and liver and cause yellowing and peeling skin, damaging bone formation. Therefore, each healthy adult should eat only two baluts per week.

People with high blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, and gout do not eat much or should not eat balut because they can clog arteries and increase the risk of infarction and stroke.

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