Beer in Vietnam has now become a trendy drink in the daily life of people. If you have some questions to learn about Vietnamese beer culture, this our article will help you

1. History of Beer in Vietnam

Beer first appeared around 6,000 BC in Mesopotamia. Until the 19th century, Vietnamese people could enjoy beer from craft breweries with simple equipment.

Many documents talk about the birth of beer in Vietnam. Some people claim that beer first appeared in the small brewery of Mr. Victore Laure – a Frenchman living in Saigon. It is also said that the first Vietnamese brewery was located in Hanoi, also founded by a Frenchman named Alfred Hommel in 1890.

In the early days of being imported to Vietnam, beer was considered a luxury drink, only for the middle class to express their style and connoisseurship.

At this time, not everyone can drink an alcoholic beverage with a bitter and acrid taste like beer. However, only a few decades later, the sidewalks of the streets from the South to the North have been covered because of the appearance of beer shops.

It is not clear when beer became a popular drink of every Vietnamese people, from old to young, from knowledge class to unskilled workers.

Beer in Vietnam

In a report published in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) also assessed the alcohol and beer consumption of Vietnamese people as high compared to other countries in the region.

It is estimated that each Vietnamese over 15 years old consumes 8.3 liters of pure alcohol in a year, more than Chinese people and four times more than Singaporeans.

Currently, there are many types of beer globally, such as draft beer, canned beer, and viscous beer, but in Vietnam, the most popular and used beer by people is canned beer. Some of the favorite canned beer brands in Vietnam are: Heineken Beer, Saigon Beer, Hanoi Beer, Laure Beer, Huda Beer, and Sapporo Beer

2. Vietnamese Beer Drinking Culture

Vietnamese people like to drink beer together at sidewalk shops. The gathering of Vietnamese people to drink beer is a cultural feature of the community.

Vietnamese people can sit together and chat with just a few simple dishes, a few chairs, and a table. You will rarely see a Vietnamese person drinking beer alone.

Clutching glasses together and shouting “one two three yo” together is prevalent in pubs and beer bars in Vietnam. Instead of in some countries, people raise their glasses and say “cheer,” in Vietnam, people clutch glasses together, sometimes standing up and shouting rhythmically and joyfully.

Another exciting thing is that Vietnamese people often compare the amount of beer they drink on the drinking table. As they clink glasses, they might add phrases like “hundred percent, 50 percent,” suggesting they either finish the beer or drink half together.

So you have to be careful if you hear the word “100%”. This means you need to drink empty your cup. If it doesn’t feel right, you can negotiate 50%.

While this may make many people at the table laugh, you still need to control your limits. If you can’t continue drinking, you have to confess early before getting dragged into a drunken spree.

The purpose of drinking beer is not to compete with each other. However, some people still have the habit of keeping an empty beer bottle under their feet. After the party is over, they will take it out and count to show off their drinking.

3. How To Drink Vietnamese Beer?

It is rare for Vietnamese people to drink beer without putting a few ice cubes in the glass or chilling it before drinking, even cold. Ice is always available at beer bars and pubs and is always provided for guests upon request.

A survey from Q&Me showed that 75% of Vietnamese respondents added some ice to their glasses when asked if they would drink ice. 79% said they regularly drink beer with ice and 70% think that drinking beer loses its taste without ice.

There are many reasons leading to Vietnamese people drinking beer with ice such as the weather (Vietnam is mostly hot all year round in some localities), the taste of beer .. and gradually becomes a habit. . However, there is another reason that having ice in the glass will help them get drunk longer because the ice melts to help dilute the beer.


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