If you are wondering, is there a restaurant in Hoi An that serves various delicious dishes and is reasonably priced?. You can refer to the article 10 great restaurants in Hoi An below for more information before coming.

1. Dao Tien Restaurant

This restaurant is located at 19/4 Phan Boi Chau Street, Minh Anh Ward, Hoi An City. Situated in a lovely position next to the Hoai River, you can relax watching the scenery on the river when you eat at the restaurant.

Dao Tien Restaurant owns a luxurious design with typical yellow tones of Hoi An Ancient Town. In addition, the restaurant owner also adorns the walls and shelves with ceramic pots and plates produced by the famous Thanh Ha pottery village.

Restaurants in Hoi An

The restaurant has seating outside and inside the house; all tables are covered with white tablecloths. Napkins and paper towels are neatly folded on the table from knives, spoons, plates; cups are fully prepared.

The service staff of this restaurant is relatively fast and always enthusiastic about serving customers; the restaurant serves mainly Vietnamese dishes. However, it is decorated like a European dish by the chef, making the dishes delicious and still beautiful. Dao Tien restaurant is one of the restaurants in Hoi An that receives many positive reviews from foreign tourists.

2. Le Ba Truyen II Garden Restaurant

It is located at 12 Ba Trieu, Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An City. Restaurant Le Ba Truyen II is a restaurant built in Japanese architecture; the entire structure of the restaurant is made of black wood; right from the outside of the restaurant gate has a large wooden gate, with the restaurant name yellow print.

Entering the restaurant, you will feel overwhelmed with the entire furniture to the curving decorative paintings are made of wood; this restaurant is relatively clean, spacious, and comfortable. The restaurant serves various dishes in Hoi An, such as Cao Lau, to European and Asian dishes. All of the dishes here are beautifully presented on the ceramic bowls and plates of Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

The restaurant has a large parking lot, so it will be ideal for holding celebrations, weddings, conferences, or large tourists. The staff here is also very professional and agile.

3. Fullmoon Town Restaurant

Located at 101 Cua Dai, Cam Son Ward, Hoi An City. The Fullmoon restaurant is built next to the romantic Thu Bon River. This restaurant has a design like a miniature of Hoi An Ancient Town. It has a version of the Pagoda Bridge built almost identical to the original on the restaurant premises. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Hoi An

Spacious restaurant space with many trees is typical of Vietnam, such as bamboo and coconut trees. The restaurant has 220 seats near the riverbank, 60 seats in the area around the garden. At the bar, there are 30 seats, and the main dining space has 160 seats; the restaurant staff is very professional and friendly. The restaurant also has a 20-seat meeting room fully equipped with air conditioning, a screen, and a projector.

Also, the restaurant has activities for diners who want to experience cooking Hoi An’s dishes, from the first step to the market to preparing the ingredients for the final stage of making the dishes by themselves.

4. White Sail Restaurant

White Sail Restaurant is located at 134 Tran Cao Van, open to serve guests from 9:00 to 22h every day. Although the restaurant space is not very large and is located in a small alley, many foreign tourists still know the restaurant because of the freshness through the internet and the introduction of social networks.

White Sail Restaurant serves tourists a varied menu of food, most notably Hoi An chicken rice dish is very tasty. Besides, the restaurant also serves fresh seafood dishes such as grilled squid, crab steamed, and shrimp salad. The staff here is enthusiastic, and happy; the price is very reasonable.

5. Heaven Garden Restaurant

Located in Address 25 La Hoi Street, Hoi An City. Heaven Garden Restaurant has a spacious, airy space; Heaven Garden is a restaurant suitable for banquets, and birthday parties with an area of 400 square meters that can serve 250 customers.

The restaurant is designed with bold characteristics of Hoi An Ancient Town with harmonious golden tones and luxury, with many trees planted around the restaurant. When you come here, you will feel the air is exceptionally fresh. The staff here is amicable and enthusiastic; the restaurant serves mainly Asian and European dishes. With the professional chefs of the restaurant, you will surely enjoy delicious food, but the price is highly affordable.

Restaurants in Hoi An

6. Nam Long Restaurant

It is located at 103 Cua Dai Street, Cam Son Ward, Hoi An City. Nam Long Restaurant is open for visitors from 8:00 to 21:00. The restaurant owns oriental architecture in the middle with a well-groomed garden. Also, there are rice fields near the restaurant, giving this restaurant a peaceful and relaxing space.

The restaurant is like an old imperial palace; all the staff wear long dresses and always welcome the guests. If you sit on the balcony, can you watch the poetic Thu Bon River, enjoy a glass of passionate wine and eat a soft Hoi An bread, then this is a great experience.

7. Ngoc Tuyet Restaurant

Decorated in 2 French – Vietnamese styles and located in a prime location in the center of Hoi, An Ancient Town. Ngoc Tuyet Restaurant has a spacious, airy, and neatly decorated space; you will feel an exciting combination between tradition and modernity when you come here.

Coming to Ngoc Tuyet Restaurant, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes with many different flavors. Besides, the restaurant also serves various attractive drinks to help you have a great experience. Ngoc Tuyet Restaurant will surely be a restaurant that you should not ignore. With a long operation and professional service style.

Restaurants in Hoi An

8. Song Thu Restaurant

Located beside the gentle Thu Bon River, Song Thu Restaurant has been operating since 2004. After many years of operation and development, Song Thu restaurant has gradually built up the image and reputation of the restaurant to the traveler

The menu at Song Thu restaurant is abundant and varied from snacks to main dishes that are very attractive such as grilled eel, appetizer salads, and especially dishes made from seafood Fresh as giant freshwater shrimp, clam, or brick crab. For every dish at Song Thu Restaurant, the chefs always cook very well and decorate it meticulously.

Coming to Song Thu Restaurant, you will enjoy the fresh air, incredible scenery, and the romance of Thu Bon River. This is one of the excellent restaurants that you cannot ignore when traveling to Hoi An.

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9. Mango Room Restaurant

Mango Room restaurant owns an architectural style that reflects the owner’s life philosophy and the restaurant’s main chef, Mr. Tran Duc. Born in Saigon, he traveled through various countries like the US, France, and Japan. Returning to Vietnam in 2004 with his culinary knowledge and experience, he opened a Mango restaurant with the desire to cook each meal for every diner to help them experience the greatness of Vietnamese dishes.

Mango Room left an impression on customers because of the fresh taste, sophisticated presentation, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and highly professional service style. Coming to Mango Room Restaurant, you will serve the newest dishes at reasonable prices.

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10. Green Mango Restaurant

It is located at 54 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, TP. Hoi An, Green Mango Restaurant mainly serves classic Asian dishes mixed with a modern style that brings a new feeling to diners. Coming to Green Mango restaurant, you will experience the cozy space of the restaurant and the active service of the staff here. With exquisite dishes, diverse wine categories, and especially Lavazza coffee, it is sure that Green Mango Restaurant will satisfy all customers, including the most fastidious people.

Above are the ten restaurants in Hoi An; many tourists appreciate it when coming to this ancient town. We hope you have an incredible journey and enjoy the many delicious dishes of Hoi An.

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