Vietnam has more than 1,000 km and is divided into three regions, so the best time to visit Vietnam is challenging for many visitors when backpacking in Vietnam. Don’t worry, because this article of ours will help you answer this question correctly.

Best time to visit Vietnam

1. When is the Best time to visit Vietnam?

Northern Vietnam

The middle of February to April is the best time to visit Northern Vietnam, such as Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, or other tourist attractions. If you can’t come at this time, September to November is also a good choice for you.

Central Vietnam

The best time to visit Central Vietnam is the summer months, from March to August. However, if you can’t stand the hot weather and prefer cool and pleasant air, you should visit this area from the middle of February to May with comfortable temperatures between 25 ºC and 30 ºC.

Southern Vietnam

With mild weather all year round, you can travel to Ho Chi Minh city, Phu Quoc island, and the Mekong delta anytime. However, if you don’t like the rain, visit south Vietnam during the dry season from October to April. Especially December and January are the months when the weather is the coolest.

Nha Trang Beach on a Sunny Day


You can see that the middle of February to April is the best time to visit Vietnam through the information above. Because around this time, precipitation is minimal, and the temperature is pleasant for most foreign tourists. This is also the beginning of the tourist season in Vietnam.

2. Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hottest month in Vietnam?

June to August are the summer season in northern and central Vietnam. The expected temperature ranges from 34 to 39 degrees Celsius and relatively low humidity of only 55 to 65% during the day. For South Vietnam, February to May is the hottest month. The temperature can reach 36 to 38 degrees Celsius in the morning, and the UV index reaches its highest at noon.

When is the Rainy Season in Vietnam?

North Vietnam has no distinct rainy season and does not last for many months like in the south. Rainy days are often interspersed with heat waves. February to March and July to August are the months in northern Vietnam that often have many days of rain.

The wet season in central Vietnam starts from September to January next year. Usually, the rainy days in the central region often coincide with the typhoon season in this country. The rainy season in South Vietnam often begins in May and ends in late November; the peak rain days will fall in June, July, and August.

When To Avoid Visiting Vietnam??

Lunar New Year and Vietnam Rain Season are two times you should avoid visiting Vietnam. Tet is the only festival of the year in which all shops will close for a minimum of 3 days, and plenty of great restaurants or activities in big cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will close for almost five days. Tet usually begins in late January or early February, according to the lunar calendar.

Lunar New year in Vietnam

Except for some places in central Vietnam, you can visit all year round like Da Lat and Nha Trang. The best time to visit Vietnam depends on the tourist destination when you come to an S-shaped country and your Vietnam travel itinerary (From north to south or from south to north).

In addition, Vietnam is often affected by weather phenomena such as tropical depressions, storms, thunderstorms, whirlwinds, and hail, so monitoring and updating information about the weather in Vietnam when visiting Vietnam is necessary.

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