Da Lat Weather – Weather Forecast in Da Lat Next 7 Days

When traveling, the weather element significantly affects the trip, so today, we will give you some basic information about Da Lat Weather so you can refer more.

Overview of Dalat Weather

Air temperature: Da Lat has a low-temperature background due to the influence of the terrain height; the average temperature is 18oC; most visitors to Dalat in a short time often commented that Dalat is very cool.

The rainy season in Da Lat usually starts between April and October; the rain in April and May is generally showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon – afternoon. When the southwest monsoon became stronger from June, Da Lat began to have prolonged rain. The average number of rainy days in Da Lat is about 170 days/year.

The dry months are 12, 1, 2, and 3 have the lowest number of rainy days, an average of 5 days/month. Particularly in July to September, the number of days is 10-15 days/month.

The air humidity is strongly correlated with the rainfall in Da Lat. During the rainy season, the relative humidity of the months reaches over 85%. The wettest period is in July, August, and September, with 90 – 92% average humidity. In the dry season, the humidity drops below 80%. The lowest relative humidity on February 3: 75 -78%.

Da Lat Weather

About the number of sunshine hours, in Da Lat, the number of sunshine hours all year is up to 2,340 hours. September has the least number of sunny hours: 100 – 130 hours. January, February, March are the months with little cloud; the number of sunny hours observed is 250 – 270 hours. Other months have sunshine hours over 200 hours.

Other Weather Phenomena in Da Lat:

Besides, in Da Lat, there are other notable weather phenomena such as fog, thunderstorms, and hail.

Mist in Da Lat appears an average of about 80 days/year, focusing on February, March, April, and May. The fog gives Da Lat a unique appearance.

Hail usually occurs a few days in April. The intensity of rain is not significant; the area is narrow.

In short, thanks to a relatively moderate temperature, Dalat has developed into a famous resort and tourist city. If you want a great summer with a cool climate and experience great things to do in Dalat, visit this city.