Da Nang is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, attracting millions of visitors every year. Therefore, Weather in Da Nang is information that many travelers are interested in to choose the best time to travel to Danang.

1. Overview of Da Nang Weather

It is located in the Central region of Vietnam, belonging to the tropical monsoon climate region. Danang climate is not divided into four distinct seasons like Hanoi. This city has only two main seasons: dry and rainy seasons.

Da Nang Weather

The dry season usually starts from March to August; the rainy season lasts from September to February. The annual average temperature is about 25-26 degrees Celsius; the temperature difference between the months is not significant.

In the dry season, the weather in this city has an average temperature of 34.7 degrees Celsius. Low air humidity, little rainfall due to the influence of the Lao wind, the air is somewhat hot. In contrast, in the rainy season, the weather in Da Nang has an average temperature of 25.5 degrees Celsius, the average rainfall is 161.4 mm/month, the air is cool.

However, the period from October to December in Da Nang often has thunderstorms, so you should not travel to Da Nang at this time.

It is ideal for traveling to Da Nang from April to August because it is sunny, there are less rain and storms, suitable for outdoor activities, bathing, picnicking, hiking. So, please note that you should make hotel reservations before arrival to avoid full occupancy.

2. Da Nang Weather Forecast


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