5 Floating Markets in Vietnam

The floating markets in Vietnam are a typical beauty in the life of the western provinces of Vietnam. Visitors to the floating market will experience a lot of exciting things.

1. Phung Hiep Floating Market, Hau Giang

Phung Hiep floating market is located next to National Highway 1A, about 30km south of Can Tho city, and is known as one of the longest life span floating markets in Vietnam

It was formed from 1915 to the present time. This is where trading activities attract many tourists to explore and learn.

This is considered a floating market that synthesizes many different products, serving the local people and distributing them to all provinces in Vietnam. The market starts early in the morning with hundreds of boats of sellers.

When coming here, you will be able to witness with your own eyes a lot of different images, sounds, and colors of goods, fruits, and people creating a bustling and joyful atmosphere.

Phung Hiep Floating Market - Floating Markets in Vietnam

2. Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market is the most famous floating market in Vietnam. You will feel the idyllic beauty with scenes of village activities on the river when you come here.

This floating market is located on Cai Rang River, near Cai Rang Bridge. And it’s about 6km from Can Tho city center by road and takes about 30 minutes by boat. This floating market’s unique is that it specializes in trading famous Vietnamese fruits

Besides fruit, many boats in this floating market also sell Vietnamese breakfast dishes such as Pho, Bun Rieu

3. Cai Be Floating Market, Tien Giang

Cai Be floating market is the contiguous place of three provinces of Vinh Long, Ben Tre, and Tien Giang. Therefore, the Cai Be floating market atmosphere is always crowded with boats filled with seafood, Vietnamese vegetables, household appliances, and food.

Cai Be Market operates day and night; each market usually meets between 4 am to 8 am, with hundreds of boats gathering to trade and exchange items.

This floating market is most famous for typical fruits of Tien Giang province, such as Lo Ren breast milk, Cai Be tangerine, green skin pomelo.

Today, because of tourism development, besides trades in fruits and agricultural products. Cai Be floating market has sold food and drinks on small boats crept in the middle of the market.

To visit this market, visitors can rent a boat for about 500,000 – 800,000 VND for 10-15 seats or rent a Western-style dinghy with a price of 150,000 – 200,000 VND for 3 – 5 people sitting.

4. Long Xuyen Floating Market, An Giang

Long Xuyen floating market located on the Hau River near Long Xuyen city, An Giang province.

Although the market size is not as significant as other floating markets, nor does it follow the trend of commercialization to serve tourists, Long Xuyen floating market still retains the idyllic and pristine features of the floating market culture from the past to now.

As early as 4 am, hundreds of boats, canoes, and boats gathered to go to the market to start a new trading day. The primary goods are agricultural products, fruits, and famous Vietnamese street food.

In particular, the items sold here do not say challenging prices, so tourists rarely have to pay because people are not affected by the commercialization of tourism. Anyone who comes here will feel the idyllic, sincere, and hospitable people in Long Xuyen floating market.

5. Vinh Thuan Floating Market

On Vinh Thuan river in Vinh Thuan town, Vinh Thuan district, Kien Giang province, a floating market has been formed with a scale not inferior to other famous floating markets.

The unique feature of this floating market is that goods sold on boats, boats, etc., usually do not need to advertise like other floating markets still buy and sell expensive goods. Customers canoeing themselves to buy, sell, exchange, buy and sell.

Like other floating markets in Vietnam, from the early morning around 4-5 o’clock. Boats everywhere began to gather at Vinh Thuan floating market. In the middle of the call, the invitation to buy will help visitors feel the joyful and bustling atmosphere when coming to this floating market.

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