Golden Bridge Da Nang – All Things You Needs To Know

Da Nang Golden Bridge stands out with its creative and unique architecture, becoming a “hot” check-in point in the coastal city of Da Nang and a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. So, let’s learn about this bridge with us┬átoday

1. Introduction About Golden Bridge Danang

It is located on Chua Mountain. Da Nang Golden Bridge is located at an altitude of 1414m above sea level, 150m long with all eight spans, seven pillars, 5m long, of which the pedestrian section is 3m wide, 1m on each side to plant flower.

As the most memorable bridge in the “most livable city in Vietnam,” the Golden Bridge is like a silk strip across the sky, with two mossy hands facing the atmosphere to support the bridge. Golden bridge with another name is “bridge of the hand.”

Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam

2. Highlights of Golden Bridge Danang

Golden Bridge is a bridge with unique, new architecture that has never been in Vietnam. The Golden Bridge surface is made of keel wood; the two sides of the walkway are planted with many flowers to create a beautiful scene. Not only that, but the most distinctive design is also that the beauty of the Golden Bridge is the handrail made of gold-plated stainless steel for a shiny appearance.

If it’s just that, the Golden Bridge is only half beautiful; if you look abstractly, you can see silver hands like the image of a woman holding a ribbon across the sky. The unique idea has surprised many visitors and admired the architects who created this fantastic work.

More impressively, from the location of this bridge, people can also see the panorama of the beautiful Da Nang city in the distance.

3. How To Get To Golden Bridge Danang

To get to the Golden Bridge from Da Nang city, you need to go to Sun World Ba Na Hills. Then, move from Ba Na gate to Golden Bridge in either Marseille station or Thien Thai flower garden. The most popular ways to get to Sun World Ba Na Hills are:

Motorbike Rental:

This is the best choice for travelers, especially young groups who love to explore nature. This way of moving helps you be most active in traveling and playing in Ba Na. The price fluctuates around 100,000 -150,000 VND / person.

Da Nang – Ba Na Transit Bus:

Depart from 72 Nguyen Chi Thanh to Ba Na Hills. The round-trip ticket price is 70,000 VND / person. However, the car only operates from 8:30 – 18:00, which is quite inconvenient if you want to visit Ba Na in the evening.

Bus to Ba Na:

The bus departs from Da Nang to pick up guests to Ba Na in about 75 minutes. The round-trip ticket price is 150,000 VND / person. However, this bus only picks up passengers in Da Nang from 7:30 to 8:30 and at Ba Na from 14:30 to 15:30, quite a restrictive time for tourists.


A taxi is the most reasonable means for groups of 4-7 people. Round trip taxi price is about 500,000 VND – 600,000 VND / car.

Car Rental In Da Nang:

For groups of 4-45 people, you should rent cars in Da Nang to be flexible in time and save the most cost. Round-trip price is about 400,000 VND – 2,200,000 VND.

4. Some Tips When Visiting Golden Hand Bridge

Golden Bridge is located in the tourist complex of Sun World Ba Na Hills. You don’t have to buy tickets to visit the Gold Bridge. However, to get to the Golden Bridge of Da Nang, you need to buy an entrance ticket to the resort.

The best time to visit the Golden Bridge is from Monday to Friday you should avoid weekends, as there are many people. The best times of day to visit and take pictures are early in the morning and at sunset.


In short, admiring Danang golden bridge in the morning or afternoon is one of the top things to do when coming to Danang city. If you have the opportunity to go to this city, do not miss this incredible bridge.