Hanoi Publicizes The Names of Reputable Travel Companies

By | March 23, 2022

More than 1,000 international and domestic travel agencies and tour operators have been posted on their websites by the Hanoi Department of Tourism to avoid risks for tourists when choosing travel services in Hanoi.

In the face of the situation that many tourism business services are widely sold on social networks, many tourists encounter many funny cases such as: buying a fraudulent tour, advertising on one side of quality, and buying another. not consulted when it arises.

The Hanoi Department of Tourism has made a list of eligible tourism service businesses and posted it publicly on the department’s website to ensure the interests of customers and the reputation of tourism activities in the locality. Capital table.

Visitors can access the address https://sodulich.hanoi.gov.vn, in the “Certification system” section http://www.quanlyluhanh.vn for information about translation businesses. The travel service is operating and has safe and quality products.

The posted information about the enterprise includes business name, legal entity information, headquarters of operations, business. Through the above information, customers can rest assured of using the services provided by these tourism businesses.

According to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, the country’s tourism industry in general and Hanoi, in particular, has shown positive signs of recovery when reopening to welcome visitors.

Organizations and businesses dealing in tourism services in Hanoi have built many rich and unique products and programs and have prepared facilities with the best conditions to welcome tourists.

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