Weather in Hanoi

Hanoi Weather – Weather Forecast For The Next 7 Days

1. Overview of Hanoi Weather

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second-largest city, with a population of about 7 million (2011). Hanoi is located in the center of the Red River Delta. The climate in Hanoi is a humid subtropical climate with hot summers, heavy rain and cold winters, little rain at the beginning of the season, and a drizzle in the second half of the season.

Along with two transition periods in April (spring) and October (autumn), the city has four spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons. Located to the north of the tropical belt, the surrounding town receives abundant solar radiation and high temperatures.

Due to the impact of the sea, Hanoi has relatively high humidity and rainfall, averaging 114 rainy days a year. The climate generally has two monsoon seasons: the Northeast monsoon season lasts from November to April. The Southeast monsoon season from May to October corresponds to the two main seasons of the year, cold winters and hot summers.

Cold winter: November – April

Northeast monsoon brings Hanoi cool, dry weather. During this time, the city’s sunny days are deficient, the sky is often cloudy, and mist is covered. In February, the average day is only 1.8 hours of sunlight. In November, the lowest temperature is about 18.5 ° C; the highest is 24.3 ° C. However, it will be colder by January, with temperatures ranging from 13.6 ° C to 19.3 ° C. This is the coldest month of the year.

Weather in Hanoi

Precipitation often decreases during the northeast monsoon season due to wind currents that bring Hanoi dry air. The average rainfall in November is 43.4mm, while December and January are the driest months, with rainfall from 23.4mm to 18.6mm. Then the rain started to rise and increased to 90.1mm in April.

Hot summer: May – October

In contrast to the northeast monsoon, the southeast monsoon appears in the summer, making the weather in Hanoi hot, humid, and rainy.

The rains come in May with an average rainfall of 188.5mm. August has the highest rainfall in the year, reaching 318.0mm. The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 26.1 ° C – 32.9 ° C. In particular, some days can be up to 38 ° C – 39 ° C. Heat waves last for a few days; after that, it can be thunderstorms and rain rushing, quickly, soothe the heat.

Hanoi’s weather also has erratic changes, mainly due to disputes affecting the operation of two monsoon seasons and exceptional weather events occurring each year. We hope you have more information about the weather and help you choose the best time to travel to Hanoi.

2. Weather Forecast For Hanoi City