How To Say Hello & Thank you in Vietnamese For Travellers

To have the best trip to Vietnam, it is recommended to learn a few common Vietnamese phrases before traveling to Vietnam. For example as hello and thank you in Vietnamese.

This will help when booking / buying things and also interacting with local people and make a trip to Vietnam more fun. But trust me when I say that even when you speak with no tone, the locals will love you for your effort. 

Hello & Thank you in Vietnamese

Some Vietnamese Phrases You Need To Know. Beside Hello And Thank You in Vietnamese

1. Greetings

  • Hello = Sin chow
  • Thank you = kahm uhn
  • Sorry = Sin Loy
  • No Problem = Khum koh zi
  • Goodbye = Tarm Byeet
  • Can you speak English? = Poan noy dee-ing ahn durkh khom?

2. Ask for direction in Vietnamese

  • Can you help me? – Poan jum toy durkh khum?
  • Where is it? – Kai noy uh dou? If you’d like to ask for any location, you can ask …. oh dou?
  • How far is it = Pao seh
  • Taxi! = Toac xi!
  • Take me to…, please = Lum own , chow toy duen 

3. For Shopping

  • How much? – Pau ziu?
  • How much is it? – kai nay zia pau ziu?
  • Too expensive – Moac Wua / Zat Wua
  • Is there anything cheaper? – Ko kay nau rue hon khum?

4. For dining out 

  • I’m  a vegan – Toy an chuay
  • Can I look at the menu, please? = Chow toy zem menu? 
  • Not spicy – Khong cay -> You add “Khong” before an adjective to indicate “not + …”
  • Can I have a beer? – Cho toy mut chow bia
  • Can I have (name of food or drinks)? – Chow toy (name of food or drinks)

5. Emergency

  • Police! = Kung an!
  • It’s an emergency = Zuyet nay khum cap 
  • I’m lost = Toy pi zac
  • I’m sick = Toy pi um
  • I need a doctor = Toy kan mụt back see =
  • Where’s the toilet? = Na zue xing/wc ở đâu? 
  • Help! = Kiu (toy) zoi!

Vietnamese people are really friendly and will be very impressed if you can speak (even only a little) of the language. As a traveler, you can use a combination of verbal and body language to communicate better. We hope these phrases and advice can help you break the ice and get closer to the Vietnamese People

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