How to say hello and thank you in vietnamese

In order to have the best trip in Vietnam (and make some cool Vietnamese friends), it is recommended to learn a few basic Vietnamese phrases and words before traveling to Vietnam.

This will help when booking / buying things and also interacting with local people and make a trip in Vietnam more fun. But trust me when I say that even when you speak with no tone, the locals will love you for your effort. thank you in vietnamese

Vietnamese phrases to know for travelers

1.Greetings thank you in vietnamese

  • Hello = Sin chow
  • Thank you = kahm uhn
  • Sorry = Sin Loy
  • No Problem = Khong koh zi
  • Goodbye = Tarm Byeet
  • Can you speak English? = Banh noi thien an durkh khom?

2. Ask for direction in Vietnamese

  • Can you help me? – Ban jum toi durkh khum?
  • Where is it? – Cai nay o dau? If you’d like to ask for any location, you can ask …. o dau?
  • How far is it = Bao seh
  • Toac xi! = Taxi!
  • Lum own zua/chở tôi đến = Take me to…, please.

3.For shopping

  • How much? – Pau ziu?
  • How much is it? – kai nay zia pau ziu?
  • Too expensive – Moac qua / Zat qua
  • Is there anything cheaper? – Co kay nau rue hon khum?

4.For dining out thank you in vietnamese

  • I’m  a vegan – Toy an chuay
  • Cho toy xem menu? = Can I look at the menu, please?
  • Not spicy – Khong cay -> You add “Khong” before an adjective to indicate “not + …”
  • Can I have a beer? – Cho toy mut chow bia
  • Can I have (name of food or drinks)? – Cho toi (name of food or drinks)

5. Emergency

  • Kung an! = Police!
  • zuyet nay khan cap = It’s an emergency
  • Toy pi zac = I’m lost
  • Toy pi um = I’m sick
  • Toy kan mụt phac zi = I need a doctor
  • Na zue xing/wc ở đâu? = Where’s the toilet?
  • Kiu (toy) zoi! = Help!

Vietnamese people are really friendly and will be very impressed if you can speak (even only a little) of the language. As a traveler, you can use a combination of the verbal and body language to communicate better. We hope these phrases and advice can help you break the ice and get closer to the local.

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How to say hello and thank you in vietnamese
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