Is Vietnam Safe To Travel? – The Answer is Safe

In surveys of many famous travel magazines globally about Is Vietnam Safe To Travel? Vietnam has always consistently reached the top of the safest destinations.

So what is the reason to help Vietnam always “stand firm” in this prestigious ranking? Let’s find out the cause of this.

1. Political Stability

Politics profoundly affects the safety of a nation. In multi-party countries, political upheaval often occurs. The protests will cause chaos on the streets, causing casualties and affecting many people’s lives, including tourists.

Vietnam has only one Party to lead: the Communist Party of Vietnam. Under the leadership of the Party, Vietnam has achieved many remarkable achievements. Due to not frequent protests, Vietnam is a safe destination for all visitors.

A typical example is that Thailand made many tourists panic only a few years ago when the wave of protests and government overthrow occurred strongly in this country.

Hundreds of tourists fell into a deadlock because protests blocked airports. On the other hand, tourist spots and shopping centers also suffer from disturbance, and going to the street can hurt tourists.

This incident left an obsession for thousands of tourists visiting Thailand at that time.

In a country with a stable politically like Vietnam, visitors can freely have fun and shop without worrying about political upheavals.

2. There is No Terror

Terrorism is always a terrible obsession in all the countries of the world. The bloody terrorist attacks in the US, Pakistan, Afghanistan, .. have engulfed humanity in fear. The 9/11 terrorist attacks will forever be an unforgettable milestone.

In countries where terrorism is frequent, travelers won’t be able to travel comfortably. You can become a victim of terrorism, massacre, or hostage.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, there has never been any terrorist incident for thousands of years. Even when there are significant political events, the visits of the President of other countries, the security order in Vietnam is always 100% guaranteed.

That is why tourists can travel freely without worrying about security. This is also one of the critical reasons for helping Vietnam to enter the top safe destinations in the world.

3. The Theft Rate is Relatively Low

Social evils such as pickpocketing, prostitution, and drugs always make tourists feel insecure. In multi-ethnic countries, this situation occurs quite often, especially at night.

The diversity of ethnic groups and many immigrants (including illegal) makes it difficult for these countries to control security issues fully. You can feel racism in many places.

In Vietnam, the rate of theft and violence is relatively low. It’s okay to go for a walk alone at night without worry. In addition, Vietnam is also an ideal place to travel for women because of the safety of this country.

4. Friendly People

Vietnamese people are friendly, easy-going, and open-minded, so visitors will feel safe and comfortable traveling. You can ask for directions shop without worrying about facing scowling, angry faces.

On the other hand, Vietnamese people also respect and strictly abide by the law, so there is very little chance that people assault tourists unless you hit them first.

Is Vietnam Safe

2. Tips to Help You Travel to Vietnam Safely.

Do not wear a handbag or carry a lot of jewelry on you. It would help if you did not use your mobile phone while walking on sidewalks; otherwise, you will become the bandit’s target.

It would help if you enjoy Vietnamese dishes at eating places used by many locals because this is equivalent to the fact that the food will taste good and ensure food safety and hygiene.

You should keep your originals of important documents and cash in the hotel’s locked cabinet; you should only bring copies when you go out.

Make sure your phone is fully charged before going out. When something goes wrong and you need Vietnam police help, you can call 113.

In major cities of Vietnam, it is very safe to go out late at night; however, you should not go out late if you are in a rural area.

It would help if you learned some common Vietnamese phrases such as hello in Vietnamese because you can ask the locals for help if you get lost.