Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Vietnam’s most important and meaningful festivals in Vietnamese culture. So what is Mid-Autumn Festival? We will answer all your questions in this article.

Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam

1. What is Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the full moon day of August, is usually held from the 14th to the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.

This is the Tet holiday that Vietnamese children look forward to because on this day, adults will give the children toys, usually lanterns and masks, and eat moon cakes.

This festival is a big festival in Vietnam, but it is also in East Asian and Southeast Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is also a national holiday in Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.

2. How is the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrated?

In Vietnam, on this day, each family will conduct Mid-Autumn Festival and ancestors to show respect to grandparents and ancestors. The offerings can be vegetarian or savory.

Then, in the evening, families will prepare a tray to eat while watching the moon. This tray usually includes confectionery, seasonal fruits, and mooncakes for everyone in the family to sit down and talk together.

In Vietnam, traditional mooncakes include two types: baked cakes and flexible cakes. The filling is salty, sweet, and full of flavors, showing the warmth and sweetness of the family. The cake has a round shape symbolizing reunion and union.

In addition, adults also organize many fun activities for young children, such as letting them go to the procession of lanterns, play folk games, see lion dancing, or participate in other musical activities.

3. Meaning of the Vietnamese Full Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for family members to get closer to each other, show love and solidarity, and share difficulties in daily life.

In addition, this festival is also a chance for people to watch the moon to predict crops or national destiny. If the autumn moon is yellow, that year will be the silkworm season; if the autumn moon is green or blue, there will be natural disasters; and if the autumn moon is bright orange, the country will be peaceful and prosperous.

4. Ideal Places to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Hang Ma Street – Hanoi

During the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, Hang Ma Street becomes more sparkling with thousands of sparkling lanterns of all shapes and sizes, such as fish-shaped lanterns or star-shaped lanterns with many colors stretching across the ancient street. This creates a space for a highly bustling and magical festival.

Besides, there are many other activities to be held here such as singing, lion dancing, and outdoor games. If you are in Hanoi, do not hesitate to come to this place to enjoy this vibrant atmosphere.

Hoi An Ancient Town – Quang Nam

Hoi An often becomes more beautiful during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Every street and alley here will become sparkling and fanciful.

Because from 5 pm to 10 pm, every house, shop, and restaurant in Hoi An Ancient Town will turn off all electric lights, and the whole old town will be illuminated only by moonlight and lanterns.

In addition, vehicles will be restricted; only pedestrians can enter this neighborhood. Unlike the hustle and bustle in other places, Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An is very peaceful and brings something a little more ancient.

Luong Nhu Hoc street – Ho Chi Minh City

Referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival refers to the colorful lanterns. Located in District 5 and stretching for more than 300m, Luong Nhu Hoc street has long been known as Saigon’s “lantern paradise,” with countless lanterns of colors, shapes, and sizes decorated on both sides of the street.

On the days near Mid-Autumn Festival, the street is filled with bright reds and warm yellows and is always crowded with people to visit, shop, take photos, and immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere.