10 Most Beautiful Mountains in Vietnam

Throughout Vietnam, from North to South, there are endless hills and mountains. Here are the 5 most beautiful high mountains in Vietnam nominated by us

1. Mount Phan Xi Pan (Lao Cai)

Mount Fansipan belongs to the Hoang Lien Son range, located in Lao Cai province, 3,143 m high, is the highest mountain in Indochina, is likened to the “roof of Indochina.”

To conquer the top of Fansipan, there are 3 ways: the road through Cat Cat village, Xin Chai village, and the road through O Qui Ho pass. Climbers often choose the way through Cat Cat village with a journey of 4 days and three nights.

Traveling to Fansipan mountain is very interesting. At the foot of the hill are native plants such as jackfruit, cardamom, and rice, followed by ancient forests with interlaced vines.

Going up to more than 2000m, the clouds spread, and the footsteps touched the cloud. But about 5, 6 hundred meters higher, the sky became apparent, the temperature dropped, and you will feel freezing. We can say that conquering the Fansipan peak is one of the great things to do in Sapa Vietnam.

Mountains in Vietnam

2. Pu Si Lung Mountain

Pu Si Lung is a mountain located on the border of Vietnam and China in Lai Chau province with an altitude of 3083 meters. With this height, Pu Si Lung holds the position of the second highest mountain in Vietnam.

Because the peak of Pu Si Lung is at the border, you need to obtain a security permit at the Pa Ve Su border post to be allowed to climb the mountain. The best time to explore and conquer Pu Si Lung peak is from October to April next year.

In the journey to climb the pass, cross the forest, and cross the stream to conquer Pu Si Lung. You will be able to explore the primeval forest with diverse vegetation and see beautiful bushes of azaleas and orchids.

Besides, the sound of birds chirping, the sound of murmuring streams, and the fresh air all create a peaceful and poetic scene for Pu Si Lung.

3. Putaleng Mountain

Putaleng is the third highest mountain in Vietnam, located in Ta Leng commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. This mountain peak has an altitude of 3049m above sea level.

To conquer Putaleng peak, you will have to overcome moss-covered rocky slopes, and murmuring streams, and weave through the dark bamboo forest to reach the top of the mountain. It can be said that Putaleng is a mountain with rich terrain, fully converging the beauty of other mountains combined.

If you like to hide in the fairy forest, fortunately, Putaleng mainly only walks in the forest. If you are a person who likes to bathe in streams, in Putaleng there is nothing but clear and cool springs.

And if you love flowers, conquering Putaleng in the days of March – April, you will be amazed at the vastness of azaleas blooming in a corner of the sky. If you are simply a nature lover and passionate about trekking, then there is no reason to ignore this Putaleng mountain.

This is not an easy mountain to conquer for those new to climbing. But if you have a good physical foundation, and have the will and determination, conquering this mountain is very easy. To conquer this mountain, you should go on a tour or find an experienced porter.

4. Ky Quan San Mountain

Ky Quan San is a mountain located between Lai Chau and Lao Cai provinces. Although the terrain is quite difficult, this mountain is an attractive climbing destination for many people. Ky Quan San has an altitude of about 3046m above sea level and is the 4th highest mountain in Vietnam.

The distance from the foot of the mountain to the top is about 30km, through many different terrains such as bare hills, bamboo forests, big wooden forests, dwarf bamboo forests to moss-covered cliffs.

The most popular time to travel to Bach Moc Luong Tu is from late August to April because the weather is cool, neither too cold nor too hot. In addition, climbing in winter is also a challenging experience, but it is also quite interesting to admire the snow-covered mountain top creating an extremely eye-catching scene.

It is interesting that the two slopes of this mountain are influenced by two different climates. So if you go and return by two different routes, you will have the opportunity to experience two different scenes from the terrain to the vegetation.

5. Tay Con Linh Mountain

Tay Con Linh is the highest mountain in Northeast Vietnam with an altitude of 2419 meters above sea level. Starting from the Chay River upstream, this mountain range belongs to two districts, Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen of Ha Giang province.

On the journey to conquer Tay Con Linh, you will admire the ancient tea trees tens of meters high. Perhaps, because of the cool climate and grown at an altitude of nearly 2000m, the tea trees here grow very well.

Through the tea forest, you will enter a more difficult journey. It is to pass through dense primeval forests. This place has a very rich and diverse vegetation with many tropical plants and tall trees mixed with many types of herbaceous, creating a landscape that is both mysterious and interesting.

The higher you go, the wider the view, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests, in your eyes, the beauty will be terraced fields, sometimes green, sometimes golden.

After the journey beyond 2419 meters, you will set foot on the top of Tay Con Linh mountain and feel the chilly atmosphere, and touch the clouds in the sky. At this point, you should take a lot of impressive photos for yourself.

6. Ta Lien Son Mountain

Ta Lien Son (2,996 m) also known as Co Trau is a mountain peak in the area of Ta Leng commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. The journey to conquer Ta Lien peak usually takes 2 days and 1 night. The forest in Ta Lien is still very wild with hundreds of years old mossy and mysterious trees.

Conquering Ta Lien Son mountain is not too difficult, currently, on the climbing road, there is a rest stop at an altitude of 2,400 m, convenient for living as well as resting. The most suitable time to climb Ta Lien is April-May during the blooming azalea season, with September-October when the maple forest changes color.

7. Bach Ma Mountain (Thua Thien – Hue)

Bach Ma mountain has an altitude of more than 1,500m, located 50km south of Hue city, the winter temperature does not fall below 4 degrees Celsius, and the summer does not exceed 26 degrees.

On the top of the mountain with four green seasons with waterfalls, forest streams, rare animals and plants, and a temperate climate like Sa Pa, Tam Dao, Da Lat. we can say that Bach Ma mountain is the mountain in Vietnam with the most beautiful scenery.

Exploring Bach Ma mountain, visitors follow the Tri Sao trail, which leads you to the Tri Sao waterfall with many Tri Sao birds living in Bach Ma National Park. Besides, you also visit the Do Quyen waterfall trail with thousands of azaleas blooming in March and April like two giant carpets of green flowers.

8. Langbiang Mountain (Lam Dong)

Langbiang mountain, also known as Lam Vien mountain, is located 12km north of Da Lat city. The mountain’s peak is 2,163m high, which is suitable for sports activities such as climbing, walking, skydiving, or studying and learning about the habitats of birds, animals, and herbs here.

When climbing to the top of the mountain you can see small winding streams embracing the foot of the hill, undulating houses interspersed between mountains and trees, like a charming painting.

9. Chua Chan Mountain (Xuan Loc – Dong Nai)

Chua Chan Mountain, also known as Gia Lao Mountain or Gia Ray Mountain, is located in Gia Ray town, Xuan Loc district, and about 100km from Ho Chi Minh City. The mountain has a height of about 837m above sea level, the second highest in the Southeast after Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh

With such a height, it is also known as the “roof of Dong Nai province”, now this mountain is a favorite destination for many young people who are passionate about trekking, camping as well as visitors to the mountain to visit the Gia Lao pagoda is located in the mountains peaks.

The best time to conquer Chua Chan mountain is from October to April next year, this is the time when the climate here enters the dry season, with less rain, so it will be easier for you to move.

10. Ba Den Mountain

Ba Den Tay Ninh Mountain is the highest mountain in South Vietnam, with an altitude of 986m. On the mountain, there is a system of pagodas including Ba Pagoda, Hang Pagoda, and Trung Pagoda every year attracting a lot of tourists to visit.

It possesses charming and majestic natural scenery. Looking down from the top of the mountain, one can easily observe the large land of Tay Ninh, interlaced rivers, and floating clouds.

Not only that, but Ba Den Mountain also owns a rich forest ecosystem and beautiful scenery. Therefore, the mountain is also chosen by many people to do trekking and conquer nature.

The best time to climb Ba Den mountain is from November to May next year. At this time, the weather is beautiful, very suitable for trekking and camping.