Privacy Policy

By accessing the website, you agree to these terms.

1. The Purpose & Scope of Information Collection

We may use the members’ personal information for the following legitimate purposes:

+ Provide information about the service by email,
+ Used to analyze consumer trends, build new services, or improve old ones.
+ Used to contact members when we investigated customer information, organized promotions, and exchanged review comments.
+ Used to answer customers ‘questions: We will answer members by email, phone, or email to members’ addresses when members ask questions.

2. Scope of Information Use

We are committed to only using inside information for its purposes.

3. Information Storage Time

We will store the Personal Information provided by the Customer on our internal systems during service provision to the Customer or until the purpose of collection is completed or upon the Customer’s request. request to destroy the information provided

4. Commitment To Protecting the Personal Information of Customers

Customer information is committed to absolute confidentiality under the personal information protection policy. Collection and use of knowledge of each customer can only be done with the consent of that customer, except when it is required to provide it when requested by the authorities. Grantor discloses to any third party about members’ personal information without the member’s consent.

Suppose the information server is attacked by hackers, resulting in losing members’ data. In that case, the website administrator will be responsible for notifying the topic to the investigating authorities to handle and notify promptly. Let members know.

In case customers detect personal information is misused or compromised, customers can file a complaint through our customer care channel upon receiving the complaint information of the city.

We will take all necessary measures to prevent such personal data from being further infringed upon, take supportive measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, and send a complaint about the disclosure of personal information to a third party to the administrator of the website. When receiving these responses, we will confirm the information and respond to the reason and guide members to restore and secure the data.

5. Privacy & Copyright Protection

Explore One Vietnam‘s privacy policy explains how we treat your data and protect your privacy when using our Services. By using our Services, you agree that Explore One Vietnam may use such data following our privacy policy.

We respond to reports of copyright infringement and remove copyrighted articles and images following the process outlined in the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We provide information to help copyright owners manage their intellectual property online. If you think someone is violating your copyright and would like to notify us, you can contact us.