Rice Paper Wrappers (Banh Trang)

The popularity of dish mixed rice paper has made many people want to learn about rice paper wrappers made from? In the following article, I will answer this problem for you!

1. The Origin of The Name Banh Trang

Rice paper is a type of cake using the main ingredient is dried thin rice coated starch; when eaten, it can be baked or dipped in water to make fresh spring rolls.

The name rice paper comes from the South and is rice paper because the primary step when making the cake is to thin it.

In the North, during the reign of Lord Trinh Trang in Dang Ngoai, it had to be changed to be called Banh Da to abstain from Lord Trinh Trang. In Dang Trong, it was not influenced by the Trinh lords, so they continued to call it is Banh Trang.

2. What is Rice Paper Wrappers Made From?

The primary raw material is rice flour mixed with flour, then the moderate liquid phase with water. There are also other additives such as sesame, salt, pepper, garlic, coconut, onions, sugar… depending on the type of rice paper in different regions.

Use a spoon to scoop the dough onto a pre-stretched cloth over a large pot with boiling water inside. Then use a coconut shell to spread a thin layer of dough in a circle (cake coating); this action must be skillful and agile in just a few seconds (can sprinkle more sesame on top).

When the cake is cooked, use a thin bamboo stick or a tube under the cake to remove it, spread it on a woven bamboo griddle, and dry it in the sun.

Rice Paper Wrappers - Banh Trang


After drying, when using, depending on how you eat, you can bring the cake to bake on charcoal or dip it in water to soften to make fresh spring rolls.

You can eat rice paper with many dishes such as: making spring rolls fish sauce… not necessarily through the crispy baking stage.

With the information in the article, hopefully, readers will know more about rice paper wrappers and learn how to distinguish different types of rice paper.