Russia Recommends Vietnam As a Safe Destination

By | April 5, 2022

Russian authorities recommend that citizens can travel to Vietnam at the present time.

On March 2, Russian authorities assessed Vietnam as one of the safe tourist destinations and without any restrictions for Russian tourists. The remaining countries on the list are Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, UAE, China, India

The head of the Russian Tourism Agency (Rostourism) said that he had held a meeting with the Minister of Tourism of Tunisia and his counterparts from Egypt and Turkey. All have assured that they want to cooperate and do not intend to impose any restrictions on Russian visitors.

Previously, Rostourism advised citizens not to go to countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, because of the risk of being difficult to return to the country in time and safely.

The Russian Tourism Agency also said that a number of destinations, including Latin American countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela, are no longer available to tourists due to EU and Canadian airspace restrictions.

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