Son Doong Cave – 10 Things You Need To Know

Since Many domestic and international visitors know to hang Son Doong cave, this place has become one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. And here are ten things you need to know about this cave.

1. When was Son Doong Discovered?

In 1991, a local man named Ho Khanh went to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park to collect firewood and suddenly got lost in a strange land where there was a massive cave in the limestone cliff with a vast space above to catch the sun.

He also realized that a river was flowing into the cave, after which he returned home again. In April 2009, at the request of a cave expedition from the UK, Mr. Ho Khanh found this cave again and guided the tour to explore Son Doong cave.

2. Where Does the Name Son Doong Come From?

In tours to Phong Nha Ke Bang, visitors, when introduced to Son Doong cave, often wonder where the name of the largest cave in the world is to start? Initially, Son Doong was named Ho Khanh when the cave was discovered.

Later, it was suggested to change the name to “Son Doong” because the shelter is hidden behind the majestic mountains of Doong Village and a river flowing in the cave.

3. Why is Son Doong the Largest Cave in the World?

Son Doong cave is about 5km long, 200m high, 150m wide, considered the largest today. Inside the cave, there is a separate ecosystem formed by sunlight.

The stalactites in Son Doong cave have a height of nearly 80m. Limestones the size of baseballs are scattered across the cave floor. The breathtaking underground scene at the shelter will make you utter amazement at its beauty.

4. How To Visit Son Doong Cave?

To participate in exploring Son Doong cave, you must register with a travel agent and wait for your turn. However, visitors must undergo two rigorous theoretical and practical tests.

Without passing the tests, visitors cannot join tours to Son Doong. That’s because discovering Son Doong is adventure travel. During the journey, visitors have to walk more than 50km through dense forests, rough roads, big rocks.

The explorers will sleep in natural conditions and bathe according to the preparation of the tour company. Visitors will join a tour without modern amenities, like wildlife.

5. Are There Private Tours To This Cave?

Any individual or organization visiting Son Doong without the permission of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park Management Board is considered a violation of the law. As such, you can join an adventure tour with an authorized travel agency. That’s the best way.

6. How Much Does a Son Doong Tour Cost?

There are two tour prices to Son Doong operated by a travel agent: about 3,000 USD for foreign tourists and 64.5 million VND for Vietnamese tourists.

To serve a tour of Son Doong of 10 people, more than 30 people support. In addition to porters carrying groceries and cooking, there are cave specialists and safety experts on Son Doong tours.

7. How Long To Wait For a Son Doong Tour?

If you want to register for a Son Doong tour, you have to wait and have to wait for a specific assessment by experts about the tour’s interest in the environment.

In the process of exploiting tourism services. If the landslide situation is high and affects the cave’s ecosystem, the tour company will stop the terms to preserve the original beauty of Son Doong cave.

If you have enough money and health, do not hesitate to book a tour to Son Doong.

8. When is the Best Time To Visit Son Doong?

The ideal time to visit Son Doong is from February to August. The remaining months are the rainy season, unsafe for tourists. Son Doong is very cool; this is the perfect time to explore the cave.

However, it was a bit cold at night. From May to August, the weather is hot and humid. Therefore, visitors must prepare for good health before the trip.

9. What To Bring From Son Doong?

One big note is that visitors cannot take anything from Son Doong. Visitors are not allowed to litter, break trees, cut leaves, absolutely do not touch anything in the cave without experts’ permission because stalactites are still in the process of forming, just a light touch. It can also cause stalactites to stop growing. It is essential that what you bring into the cave is taken out.

10. What About Other Attractions Besides Son Doong Cave?

While waiting to join the Son Doong, you can choose other tours such as the Phong Nha Ke Bang tour to Tu Lan caves, Nhan caves. Phong Nha Ke Bang is a national park in Vietnam that has many exciting services for visitors to enjoy their holidays in Vietnam at this national park.

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