10 Things To Do in Cat Ba Island

By | March 23, 2022

Cat Ba is an island with many beautiful beaches and ancient forests; this island is also suitable for tourists passionate about exploring and adventure travel. If you have the opportunity to visit Cat Ba Island, I think you should try to experience 10 exciting things to do in Cat Ba Island below.

1. Swimming in the sea

From the center of Cat Ba town, you can walk or rent a motorbike taxi or tram (for about 10,000 VND) to near the beaches of Cat Co I, Cat Co II, and Cat Co III, which are not too big but discreet, clear water.

A small road along the mountainside connects the beaches. Cat Co I beach is quite wide but often crowded, while beaches II and III are narrower and more deserted. Hereafter 18:30, there will be no one at the beach to ensure safety because the tide rises very quickly.

2. Snorkeling to see corals

Under the reefs at the foot of the island, there is also a cluster of red coral with much precious seafood such as abalone, pearl, dragon shrimp, and schools of colorful fish, giving this place a rare and brilliant beauty.

If you try to dive into the ocean once, you will go from surprise to surprise at the beautiful scenery of the sea that we usually only see on TV or Discovery Channel movies.

Take part in diving at Monkey Island Resort Dive Center (in Monkey Island). Snorkeling with the instructor, 30 minutes, price: 1 million dong; Swimming with snorkel 600,000VND.

3. Sightseeing from Cannon Fort

You can rent a motorbike taxi to Than Cong fortress (also known as co point 177), near Cat Co Co, II, III beaches, to view Cat Ba island from above. From there, zoom out, Cat Ba island appears with the sea, mountains, overlapping messages, extremely beautiful.

The whole Cat Ba Bay has encapsulated insight with the dotted lines of ships. When the sunset falls, the red sun peeking behind the mountains paints the sea a beautiful natural painting with the evening and the ship’s shadow stretching on the water.

4. Enjoy Delicious Food in Cat Ba

Cat Ba has many famous delicacies made from seafood such as geoduck, lobster, snapper, grouper, cobia, sea bean sprouts, sea snake, sam. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to grill, stir-fry, or steam at a row of restaurants in the town located on 1/4 street or Nui Ngoc.

Cat Ba market is also not the wrong place for discovering delicious and cheap cuisine here. In addition, you can try dining services on rafts near the sea while enjoying and breathing in the sea breeze.

5. Visiting Lan Ha Bay

This bay includes islands protruding above the sea surface and many cave systems similar to Ha Long Bay. However, many tourists think that visiting Lan Ha Bay is more interesting because the scenery here retains much more wild features than in Ha Long Bay.

During this time, you can also combine a visit to a fishing village or try a kayaking trip on the beautiful bay of Hai Phong.

6. Visit Monkey Island

There are funny monkeys here, very suitable for groups with young children. There is also Cat Dua beach in Monkey Island, the most beautiful satellite beach of Cat Ba island; the seawater is clear.

In front of the beach are undulating mountains creating a grand bay? However, before going to the island, you must cross a section of the sea with many waves about 2 km long, calculated according to the crow’s flight path.

7. Climbing

This type of adventure tourism attracts intrepid tourists when coming to Cat Ba. Popular climbing places include Dau Be island after 2 hours by boat from Cat Ba tourist port, cliffs in Ben Beo (2 km from Cat Ba center), Ba Trai Dao island (22 km from tourist port). Km to the south as the crow flies).

8. Visit Cat Ba National Park

World Biosphere Reserve – Cat Ba National Park with rich and pristine flora and fauna is a must-see when traveling to Cat Ba Island.

You can try to experience the feeling of walking in the forest, cycling on the forest road, immersing in nature to meet rare animals such as red baboons langur suddenly.

Coming to Cat Ba National Forest, you will also taste natural products, such as wild honey rose tea.

9. Visiting the Caves

Da Hoa Cave is located in the northeast mountain range, the residence of Gia Luan commune community, north of Cat Ba island, is a famous sightseeing place.

Although not far from the residential area, Hoa stone cave is almost intact and familiar in research tourism itineraries.

Other attractive caves include Trung Trang cave (in Trung Trang valley, 15 km northwest of Cat Ba), Quan Y cave… with beautiful stalactites of various shapes.

10. Visit Cai Beo Fishing Village

In Cat Ba, the most famous is Cai Beo fishing village. Not as vibrant as the pier to Lan Ha Bay, but Ben Beo is quite diverse of ships, boats, and boats ready to take guests to discover the peaceful beauty of the oldest fishing village in Vietnam – Cai Beo.

If traveling in groups, you should rent cruises or large boats to learn about the lives of coastal residents at this fishing village.

While admiring the beauty of Cai Beo’s ink painting with the sound of oars, visitors will listen to exciting and close sharings about the fishing village through the story of the ferryman. You can also stop at the households here to admire the aquatic species.

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