12 Top Rated Things To Do in Sapa

Sa Pa is a famous place in Vietnam; if you can go here, you should list things to do. Because there are many things to do in Sapa for you to experience, so let us check out 12 things any travelers should never miss when coming here.

1. Visit Sapa Culture Museum

This is the place where you can learn much about Sapa history as well as its culture. There are many pictures and things that show us various sides of ethnic tribes. You will be surprised by the local cultures of ethnic people.

The museum has 200 artifacts, models, and documentaries about ethnic groups such as Hmong, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho, Ha Nhi, and Red Dao. You can learn about their dressing culture on special holidays, New Year’s, weddings, and funerals.

Come to No. 2 Fansipan, in Sapa town, to explore this museum. Sapa Museum is open daily from Monday to Sunday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. People can visit the place without paying for tickets.

2. Trekking in Sapa

Sapa has many attractive trekking routes for visitors to come and discover. When you come to Sapa, Vietnam,  you should choose a trekking tour to adventure the place better.

These routes can be up to 10km, and they cross villages, rice fields, rivers, and bridges made by local people. Thereby helping you learn about the cultural identity and the daily life of indigenous people. 

trekking in sapa - Interesting Things To Do in Sapa

You can go with a local tour guide to know the way better and safer. The cultures and the traditional dress are so unique. The foo also makes your trip unforgettable and special.

Some villages you can visit are Ta Phin, Ta Van, Cat Cat, and Ho village. You can see the beauty of nature and learn more about Sapa culture during the tour.

3. Conquer Fansipan Peak

Yes! Fansipan is a must-visit place in Sapa. This is one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam. Fansipan peak is at the height of 3143 meters above sea level.

Thousands of people come to Lao Cai every year to conquer the Fansipan peak. To beat this mountain, you can travel by cable car at Fansipan Legend and achieve 600 steps.

fansipan - Best Things To Do in Sapa

However, most young tourists prefer to explore Fansipan by climbing the mountains. It means you have to care a lot about the weather in Sapa before your trip.

Although it is challenging to conquer Fansipan, it is worth the time when you first set your foot on the top of the mountain. You will be able to see Sapa at the height of thousands of meters and immerse yourself in nature.

4. Join a Sapa Market

Sapa is lively every Sunday morning. You will see many people gather. They come to buy things and sell things with laughter on their faces. You can join in many activities such as buying some handicrafts, enjoying food, and taking photos of ethnic girls in traditional dress. Sapa Market is located right in the center of town, so tourists do not need to travel too far. 

The remarkable thing is that if you wake up early in the morning, around 5 o’clock, you can see that the market is already crowded with people, which is not popular in the city. Ethnic minority people get up at 2 or 3 a.m. to walk a long distance of around 10 kilometers to join the market.

The market is an excellent time to enjoy food, chat with friends, find lovers, and shop for clothes. It is perfect for you to buy an ethnic dress, and wear a bag at a local market of Sapa, what an unforgettable moment in the holiday.

5. Travel to Heaven’s Gate

Sapa Heaven Gate is located on the top of O Quy Ho Pass, at 2035 meters above sea level. This place always attracts countless young tourists to visit every year.

Although the road is craggy when reaching the top of the pass, you can feel it í amazing when reaching the destination. This is a unique experience that you may not find on any vacation.

Travel to Heaven’s Gate

6. Visit The Radio Tower

It is excellent to visit Radio Tower in Sapa. Each visitor needs to pay about 4 dollars for a ticket to the tower. It gives you a fantastic view to see everything around you. You can even see Ham Rong mountain and the local life of ethnic tribes.

7. Relax at Cafe in the Clouds – 60 Fansipan Street

Cafe in the Clouds has a unique and lush view. It is so stunning that none can ignore the beauty of such a cafe shop like this. You can spend your whole morning relaxing or chatting. You can also enjoy Vietnamese coffee and take pictures. The shop offers free wifi for travelers.

Also, inside the shop, there are many trees and flowers. This makes the cafe shop very romantic. The price of drinks is reasonable, ranging from 30 to 50 thousand VND. You can spend all day long in the place without costing much money.

8. See the Magnificent Terraced Fields at Ma Tra Village & Ta Phin Village

One of the attractive highland beauty of Sapa is the terraced fields. When the rice fields are green, tourists have begun to visit this wonderful and exciting scene. If tourists come in the ripe rice season, the whole village looks like it is painted in shiny gold, beautiful and enchanting.

things to do in Sapa

There are the two most beautiful places to see the terraced fields: Ma Tra and Ta Phin villages. Going on a motorbike tour to see the scenery is so attractive. Don’t forget to bring a fully-charged camera to take the picture for your travel.

9. Catch the Sunrise & Experience Topas Ecolodge Sapa’s Pool

Topas Ecolodge is the only Sapa resort that owns an infinity pool with a beautiful view. This swimming pool is located at the height of 900m above sea level, so attractive. To function, Topa’s resort uses salt water, and a social system heats it. That’s the reason why the water is warm even in the winter. 

Top Things To Do in Sapa

Topas Ecolodge Sapa is among the ten most beautiful eco-resorts in the world, recognized by National Geographic. Therefore, this must be an ideal place for your sapa trip.

10. Visit Silver Waterfall & Sapa Love Waterfall

Silver Waterfall is located at the foot of O Quy Pass. It is about 12km from Sapa town. Possessing an impressive 200m, this waterfall is upstream of the famous Muong Hoa stream.

Silver Waterfall was born probably because people can easily see the white bubbles splashing from Ham Rong mountain, which creates a silver stripe. Some exciting activities must be mentioned in Thac Bac, such as camping, catching fish, and taking pictures with Hmong girls in traditional costumes.

Love waterfall is located in San Sa Ho in Sa Pa. This area is about 14km from Sapa town. The waterfall is 1800 meters above sea level, located deep in  ​​Hoang Lien National Park. There is a walking route of about 1.6km running back into the ancient forest area along the stream. Visitors can freely take pictures or wade streams, and organize entertainment games.

11. Buy Some Handicrafts Products at Cat Cat village

There is a traditional craft village for visitors to discover in Cat Cat with nearly 80 households, most located in the town. Coming here, you can experience the display and a place selling traditional handicrafts of the H’Mong ethnic group.

handicrafts products at Cat Cat village

Painting patterns with beeswax is a unique traditional craft of this ethnic group. It is a manual painting method to create decorative patterns for pieces of fabric before creating complete brocade products.

Visiting Cat Cat village, you can buy souvenirs such as sewing skirts, shirts, sewing towels, and bags. Similar to other traditional crafts, drawing beeswax requires skillful and meticulous artists.

12. Try Specialties in Sapa

In addition to the beautiful natural landscape and cool and fresh climate, Sa Pa is also famous for many dishes with mountain flavor. When coming to Sapa, some dishes you should try are smoked buffalo meat, Grilled Suoi Fish, Sapa Salmon, Sapa Mang Chua. Most of these specialties are on the menus of restaurants in Sapa town, so you can easily enjoy them if you want.

Besides, this place also has some typical traditional dishes of the Mong people such as the Thang Co dish. In fact, this dish is another name for horse meat. Later, people used beef, pork, or buffalo meat instead of horse meat to make this dish

We have shared with you a long list of 12 things to do in Sapa. We hope you all can have a wonderful tour in the future!