Traveling By Train in Vietnam – All Things You Need To Know

By | April 1, 2022

If you intend to choose a train for the upcoming Vietnam backpacking journey¬†or only to see the Vietnam landscape along the train line. I think you don’t miss the experience of traveling by train in Vietnam in this article.

1. Guide to buying train tickets for foreign tourists

1.1. Buy tickets directly at the counter

Going to the train station and buying tickets directly at the counter is always familiar, especially for elderly passengers.

Usually, there are more tickets available at the counter than on the website, so you only need to provide trip information to register to buy a train ticket like that.

However, this way of buying also gradually becomes inconvenient when buyers have to spend time traveling to the station to buy train tickets.

1.2. Buy tickets through agents

Ticket agents or travel agencies will act as intermediaries to help you buy train tickets more easily. However, like other forms of buying tickets through agents, this way of buying will have a minus point that you will not be able to update information actively. If there is a change in the train operation affecting your schedule

1.3. Buy tickets online on the website of Vietnam Railways

Besides selling tickets at the counter, Vietnam Railways also allows passengers to buy tickets online on the website You will not need to go to the station to buy directly; this way of buying online makes traveling by train much more accessible.

However, the interface of the website and the ticket purchase process are still quite complicated, so it will take some time for you to book tickets successfully.

Traveling By Train in Vietnam

2. Types of seats of trains in Vietnam

One of the first things to keep in mind when traveling by train is choosing the right seat. Trains in Vietnam usually have three classes of seats: hard seats, soft seats, and beds to meet the needs and budgets of travelers.

2.1. Hard seat


– Cheapest ticket price compared to other classes, suitable for short trips.


– Wooden seat. It can make passengers tired, back pain when traveling long distances, especially for the elderly or children.

– The number of passengers in a car is relatively large, so it is necessary to take care of personal belongings.

2.2. Soft seat


– The seat can be adjusted to a 15-degree incline to make it easier for passengers to rest than hard seats.

– Suitable for day trips


– For journeys 1 – 1.5 days long, You should not choose this type of chair because the back will not be fully reclined for a long time, causing the body to fall apart.

2.3. Soft Sleeper

This is a bunk bed compartment; each bed is about 80x190cm long, just enough for adults to lie down comfortably. The bed has enough blankets, pillows, and a soft mattress so you can lie back during the journey.


– Suitable for long distances such as Saigon – Hue, Saigon – Hanoi

– A private and safe space for large groups of friends and families.


– The highest fare in all seat classes. In the high season, the price of a soft sleeper train ticket will be the same as that of an airline ticket for long routes across Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh.

– The beds on the high deck (2nd floor on 4th floor or 3rd floor on 6th floor) will be challenging to move or have to stoop when sitting because of the limited height of the ceiling.

3. Train Fares in Vietnam

Fares will change flexibly depending on the choice of seat class and the length of the journey. You will know the exact train fare to pay by booking tickets through websites or payment applications in Vietnam.

4. First-time train travel experience to note

Choose comfortable, cool clothes to wear to facilitate rest on board. At the same time, do not forget to prepare a jacket to make a pillow or keep your body warm.

Although there is no weight limit, you should bring compact luggage, easy to carry and store.

Please check carefully if your train ticket includes meals or not, and at the same time, you can prepare your food or buy snacks in the kitchen in the last car on the train.

Bring enough toiletries, especially tissues. Trains only stop at stations for a short time. It would help if you only got off at the station when you needed to avoid being delayed or left behind.

Traveling by train for long distances is tiring. Therefore, you should not sit in one place for too long. You can travel, move on the train, and interact and talk with people sitting close to you to be more comfortable or learn Vietnamese phrases such as hi & thank you.

Besides, one of the necessary notes when traveling by train is paying attention to protecting personal property to avoid losing things.

Above are some experiences when traveling by train in Vietnam and introductory notes. Hopefully, the above helpful information will help you gain more knowledge when traveling by train, making the trip safer and more convenient.

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