5 Most Typical Dishes in Hue

By | April 18, 2022

Besides the beautiful landscapes, Hue is also very famous for many delicious dishes that you cannot find elsewhere. In this article, we will introduce the 5 most typical dishes in Hue.

1. Mussel Rice

Referring to Hue, everyone must think of the mussel rice dish first because this dish is prevalent everywhere, from small eateries in markets and small alleys to luxury restaurants in hotels in Hue.

Mussel rice with the main ingredient is mussels and other components such as deep-fried pork fat, fish sauce, Vietnamese vegetables, and roasted peanuts. All mixed and created a dish with a bold and spicy flavor typical of Hue.

This dish can be found everywhere and is very cheap. Usually, mussel rice shops also serve mussel vermicelli and mussel porridge; if you have a lot of time, you should try these dishes. A few suggestions for places to eat mussel rice

Con Hen Restaurant, Vi Da

Porridge – Vermicelli – Mussel Rice at 98 Nguyen Hue

2. Hue Beef Noodle Soup

We can say that this is a famous dish in Hue and a renowned dish worldwide. Most foreign tourists know this typical dish of Hue from many articles in foreign travel magazines or from renowned travel bloggers. They all describe Bun Bo Hue as an irresistible dish.

In the morning in Hue, you can see local people eat this dish everywhere, from popular eateries to restaurants, with prices only from 30-40,000 VND/bowl.

This dish has a particular flavor and color that no other dish can get from spices such as lemongrass, colored chili, paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, and fish sauce. A good bowl of beef noodle soup must have a piece of pork leg, pig’s blood, and a few slices of beef, and most importantly, the accompanying Vietnamese herbs must be very fresh.

3. Banh Canh Hue

It can be said that Banh Canh is a famous dish in the central region, but not everywhere is the same. In each province, this dish is slightly changed to suit people’s tastes or changed with available ingredients of that land.

So is Banh Canh in Hue, with the characteristic flavor of the red broth from crab and shrimp bricks, mixed with cashews when cooked to have a more beautiful color. Banh Canh fibers are also unique, transparent, soft, and not crushed. Referring to Banh Canh in Hue, people often refer to Nam Pho Banh Canh and Ba Doi Banh Canh.

It is called Nam Pho soup because this is a typical dish of Nam Pho people, Phu Vang district, sold at street vendors in the morning or late afternoon.

And Banh Canh Ba Doi refers to a very famous Banh Canh shop at the end of a small alley on Dao Duy Anh Street, Hue City. The restaurant belongs to a family, so few people are serving, and customers often have to wait longer, so it is always called Mrs. Doi’s restaurant.

4. Hue Sweet Soup

There is certainly no place in Vietnam with as many lovely soup types as Hue if it comes to sweet soup. Only royal sweet soup has more than 36 types, sophisticated from processing to presentation, from green beans, lotus seed, and sweet pineapple soup to popular sweet soup dishes such as sweet corn soup, sweet millet soup, and sweet potato and bean curd sweet soup.

Going to a sweet soup shop in Hue, you can eat dozens of varieties without getting bored, but it’s also impossible to enjoy all kinds of sweet soup here.

The most famous sweet soup shop in Hue citadel is located deep in alley 27 on Hung Vuong Street, owned by Linh Lan. The sweet soup shop opened in 1985, and she is more than 70 years old now, but she still chooses each type of ingredient to make sweet soup with her own hands.

5. Hue Cakes

If you come to Hue, visit Dong Ba market, one of the famous traditional markets in Vietnam, you should try to enjoy these cakes once. Each plate of cake sold will have a full range of cakes such as shaped cake, wet cake, flour filter cake, and flat steamed rice dumplings.

  • Flat Steamed Rice Dumplings are made from rice flour with a little chopped shrimp.
  • The flour filter cake is a transparent shell cake made from tapioca flour; the side of the cake is stuffed with shrimp or minced lean pork.
  • The wet cake is made from thinly coated steamed rice flour to be eaten while still wet, without filling or filling inside.

Unlike other dishes, Hue specialty cakes are only served with spicy sweet and sour dipping sauce; no need to eat with herbs or vegetables. You can enjoy the above cake dishes at the following addresses.

O Le Banh Beo: 104/17/9 Kim Long

Shop 109: 109 Le Huan.

Banh Beo Ba Cu : 47 Nguyen Hue.

Banh Nam Ba Do: 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem

We hope that the typical dishes in Hue that we introduce in this article will satisfy the most discerning tourists. So don’t miss your chance to enjoy these dishes.

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