Useful Vietnam Travel Tips For Foreign Visitors

By | March 16, 2022

Vietnam is one of the most attractive and easy-to-go destinations in Southeast Asia, but previewing Vietnam travel tips is still essential for first-time visitors backpacking in Vietnam.

useful tips when traveling to Vietnam.

1. The safety of Food and Water

Tap water in Vietnam is usually not drinkable, and the best option is bottled water or filtered water. The dishes in pavement shops may not guarantee food hygiene.

2. Traffic Safety in Big Cities

Traffic in Vietnam is considered very “special.” Some motorcyclists often have bad habits such as honking, crossing red lights, going wrong lanes, walking, texting, and calling. So if you want to ride a motorbike by yourself in Vietnam, you need to be careful and Prepare for collision situations.

When you want to cross the road – especially in Ho Chi Minh City -You should slowly blend into the motorbikes that are on the way, keep a steady speed, don’t hesitate, don’t stop, don’t text by your phone, or see the map when crossing the road. Motorcycle riders on the road will automatically dodge you.

3. Know the Price to Avoid being Charged Expensive

Some services and sellers in Vietnam often charge a high rate for tourists, especially foreigners, from taxis motorbikes to street vendors. Many sidewalk shops have no price on the menu. Visitors should ask before deciding what to order dishes and try to bargain when shopping at traditional Vietnamese markets, such as Ben Thanh Market. My experience is you should deal down to half the price.

4. Attention to Clothing & Avoid Going Too Late

Do not wear skimpy clothing when visiting temples and participating in traditional Vietnamese festivals. In the big city, people dress pretty comfortably.

Vietnam may be one of the safest countries globally, but you should still be cautious. And women should not go alone late at night in an empty place.

5. Care About Weather And Festival in Vietnam

If you don’t go to the excellent season, some scenes will not be as beautiful as you think. Sometimes, you will have to stay in the hotel all day due to rain or cancel the trip because the destination is flooded.

You should see the Vietnamese holiday calendar before planning a travel. On long holidays, especially on Tet, most restaurants in the city are closed. Also, popular tourist destinations will become crowded and overloaded.

6. Take Care of Your Belongings and Beware of Robbers

You should keep valuables and original IDs at the hotel. When you go out, you should only bring a copy of the identification documents.

You should carry it on your body for the mobile phone and keep it in your pocket or jacket pocket. Do not use your phone when crossing the street and walking on the sidewalk. Otherwise, you will become the prey of robbers.

7. Passport is valid for at least six months

You need to make sure your passport is valid at least six months before arriving in Vietnam. This is a condition for you to apply for a Vietnam visa.

8. Buy Vietnamese Phone Sim When You Arrive

You can buy a phone sim at the airport. When used up, you can buy the card at any street corner. You can also use free apps to call text if Wi-Fi is available. In Vietnam, Wi-Fi is usually provided for free everywhere.

9. Learn How To Getting Around Efficiently

If you are getting around within a short distance to visit places, you should rent a motorbike to move. However, this will not apply when you are in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City because the traffic here is quite chaotic and not suitable for you to join the traffic. Instead, you will have to use popular online car booking apps in Vietnam like Grab and Gojek.

For places that need to get around further, buses, trains, and planes are good options for you.

For the buses, this is a popular means of transportation for Vietnamese people, the seats on the bus are pretty comfortable with the bed design, and free Wi-Fi is available. You should book tickets to go at night to experience many exciting things.

If you are a backpacker who wants to see the scenery of Vietnam along the train line, the train will be an excellent choice for you. However, the seats on the train are often quite cramped, and Wi-Fi is often not available. You will need to register for 3G packages of Vietnamese carriers to use before departure.

Using flights can make you feel like you are experiencing Vietnam too quickly and can miss out on something interesting in this country, but it will save you time and health. Many airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, and BamBoo Airway in Vietnam. You can choose an airline that has the correct fare for you.

10. Mosquitoes and Insects

You should check the bed carefully before lying down to avoid bugs. Vietnam is a tropical country, so there are many mosquitoes. So it would help if you prepared spray or mosquito repellent when traveling to Vietnam.

Above are Vietnam travel tips; we hope you will have a great trip and discover amazing things.

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