10 Useful Tips For Foreign Visitors When Travelling To Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most attractive and easy-going destinations in Southeast Asia, but you need to know some useful tips to have a great trip when traveling to Vietnam.

useful tips when traveling to Vietnam.

1.The safety of Food and Water

Tap water in Vietnam is usually not drinkable, and the best option is bottled water or filtered water. Pavement shops may not guarantee food hygiene.

2.Traffic Safety

Traffic in Vietnam is considered very “special.” Motorcyclists often have a bad habit, such as honking, crossing red lights, going wrong lanes, walking and texting, and calling … So if you want to ride a car by yourself when coming here, foreign visitors need to be careful and Prepare for collision situations.

When crossing the road – especially in Ho Chi Minh City -You should slowly blend into the motorbikes are on the way, keep a steady speed, don’t hesitate, don’t stop, don’t text by your phone or see the map when crossing the road. Motorcycle riders on the road will automatically dodge you.

3.Know the price to avoid being charged expensive

-Some service and seller in Vietnam often charge a high rate for tourists, especially foreigners, from taxis, motorbikes to street vendors. Many sidewalk shops have no price on the menu and can count many times. Guests should ask for an estimate before deciding what to order

4.Attention to Clothing

Do not wear skimpy clothing when visiting temples. In the big city, people dress quite comfortably

5. Pay Attention to the Weather in Vietnam

If you don’t go to the right season, some scenes will not be as beautiful as you think. Sometimes, you will have to stay in the hotel all day due to rain or cancel the trip because the destination is flooded.

6. Avoid Going Too Late

Vietnam may be one of the safest countries in the world, but you should still be cautious. And women should not go alone late at night in an empty place.

7. Passport is valid for at least six months

You need to make sure your passport is valid at least six months before you arrive in Vietnam.

8. Buy Vietnamese Phone Sim When You Arrive

You can buy a phone sim at the airport. When used up, you can buy the card at any street corner. You can also use free apps to call, text if Wi-Fi is available. In Vietnam Wi-Fi is usually provided for free everywhere

9. Avoid visiting Vietnam on National Holidays

You should see the Vietnamese holiday calendar before planning a travel. On long holidays, especially on Tet, most restaurants in the city are closed. Also, popular tourist destinations will become crowded and overloaded.

10.Mosquitoes and insects

You should check the bed carefully before lying down to avoid bugs. Vietnam is a tropical country, so there are many mosquitoes. So you should prepare spray or mosquito repellent when traveling to Vietnam

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