Vaccine Passport Vietnam – Everything You Need To Know

In the post-covid world context, the vaccine passport was born as a solution to help countries recover their economies after the epidemic as well as facilitate the movement and travel of people. This article is definitely what you are looking for if you are looking for and are interested in Vietnam’s vaccine passport policies and regulations.

1. What is a Vaccine Passport in Vietnam?

The Vaccine passport Vietnam is essentially a certificate confirming the holder has had two shots of COVID-19 vaccine, regulated by the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and in line with international health quarantine regulations, allowing the holder “vaccine passport” not isolated and do the test for COVID-19 when entering Vietnam

2. The Information You Need to Know About Vaccine Passport Vietnam

For international tourists who have a “vaccine passport” entering Vietnam, must strictly comply with the 5K principle of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and the safe travel rules of the tourism industry

3. How To Use Vaccine Passport For Entering Vietnam

For foreigners, the representative of the Vietnamese government said that the technical infrastructure system will be completed and ready to be deployed from April 2021.

According to the information we have just updated, Vietnam will soon pilot the use of Vaccine Passport with international tourists to some tourist destinations that can control the epidemic such as Phu Quoc Island in the near future.

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