Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Please read the article Vietnam Airlines Reviews of us to know the quality of service on Vietnam Airlines flights before booking your flight and backpacking in Vietnam.

1. History of Vietnam Airlines

From humble beginnings in 1956 as the civilian branch of North Vietnam’s Air Force, equipped with Soviet-era aircraft, Vietnam Airlines has transformed into an efficient, reliable, and quality airline.

This airline has been known by three names -Vietnam Civil Aviation (1956-93) CAAV (Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam) (1993-96) before becoming today’s Vietnam Airlines in 1996.

In 1994 the US normalized trade with Vietnam, This allowed the airline to replace its aging Soviet fleet with modern Boeings and Airbus models. Beginning in 2007, Vietnam airline started expanding its network and operations. It joined SkyTeam in 2010.

Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Vietnam Airlines was once the largest airline in Vietnam. However, last year’s number has shown that it only takes the second position. Although, this airline remains the operator with the most inside routes in Vietnam. You can easily find this airline in most cities with airports in Vietnam.

2. Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Value for money

Vietnam Airlines is not a budget airline, which is an airline’s quality full-service airline. While other airlines, such as VietJet Air, are cheaper, Vietnam Airlines is of better importance due to superior service.

Ground Experience

If you are a passenger who buys a Vietnam Airlines business class ticket, you will enjoy the facilities and services at the lounges meeting the standards four stars of the Skyteam alliance.

At this lounge, passengers will be able to relax in a quiet, comfortable space, in stark contrast to the noise and crowd in the airport’s common lounge area. You can rest, read, work, or smoke in a private smoking room.

In addition, the menu of dishes here is also very diverse and hygienic; a team of 5-star hotel chefs prepares the words, so they will surely satisfy the majority of customers.

Seat & Crew

The seats on the planes of Vietnam Airlines are usually divided into 3 flight classes: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class. Most passengers rate the seats on Vietnam airlines planes as comfortable and fully equipped.

If you’re a business class passenger, your seat will be 1.5 times wider than the Economy Class side seat, and you can adjust the backrest to recline wider with a maximum recline of up to 150º. In addition, each passenger seat has a universal power outlet and a USB port located next to the shoulder.

They always treat all passengers politely, respectfully, and thoughtfully about the crew. The female flight attendants are lovely and always have bright smiles.


As a full-service airline, all passenger tickets include catering. On very short domestic flights, passengers are only served water. However, on longer flights, passengers are served light snacks.

Vietnam Airlines is the leading national airline, so meals onboard on international flights are always thoughtfully and carefully prepared. Depending on Vietnam Airlines’ aircraft seats, passengers will have different meal menus.

The meals in Economy Class are usually quality food with an extensive menu. Meanwhile, in Business Class, passengers can enjoy high-class cuisine in a luxury hotel or restaurant-style.


If you are a business class passenger, you will experience the in-flight entertainment system (IFE) of Vietnam Airlines. This app will help you watch the hottest Hollywood movies during your flight. The airline also has its inflight magazines: Heritage and Fashion, representing the latest information about Vietnam tourism, culture, fashion, and society.

Depending on each route, magazines in Vietnamese, English, or other languages will be distributed free of charge to keep you updated with news around the world.

Vietnam Airlines Safety Reviews

Gone are the days when Vietnam Airlines was a scary Soviet-era carrier. Vietnam Airlines has invested in new and modern aircraft in recent years; increasing staff qualifications and maintenance have improved their safety record considerably.

During the last 20 years, the Vietnam airline has operated without severe incidents, but historically this airline has had three fatal incidents and two hijackings, but none in the 21st century.

Hopefully, after reading the article Vietnam Airlines Reviews, you have an overview of the service quality of this airline. If you want to book flight tickets, you can click here.