Vietnam Airlines Reviews – Updated 2020

Read our Vietnam Airlines Reviews to know the quality of service on Vietnam Airline flights before booking your trip to Vietnam.

1. History Of Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam’s flag carrier is one of the world’s most improved airlines. From humble beginnings in 1956 as the civilian branch of North Vietnam’s Air Force, equipped with Soviet-era aircraft, Vietnam Airlines has transformed into an efficient, reliable, quality and profitable carrier on its way to becoming Southeast Asia’s second-largest airline.

The carrier has been known by three names -Vietnam Civil Aviation (1956-93), CAAV (Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam) (1993-96) before becoming today’s Vietnam Airlines in 1996.

In 1994 the US normalized trade with Vietnam, following the Vietnam War (1960-75) which allowed the airline to freely replace its aging Soviet fleet with modern Boeings and Airbus models. Several plans to partially privatize the airline have been submitted, but Vietnam Airlines remains state-owned. Beginning in 2007 the airline started expanding its network and operations.

It joined SkyTeam in 2010 and is involved in several joint ventures owning 49% of Cambodia Angkor Air and 70% of low-cost carrier Jetstar Pacific Airlines. It owns 100% of domestic operator Vasco.

Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Vietnam Airlines was once the largest airline in Vietnam. However, last year’s number has shown that it only takes the second position. Vietnam Airlines remain as the operator with the most coverage routes insides Vietnam. You can easily find this airline in most cities with airports in Vietnam.

Vietnam Airlines has the most expensive price among airways in Vietnam. Thanks to this, it has the cleanest airplanes. Food can be delivered free at the flights covering lunch and dinner time.

Service is considered the most accepted. And the most important factor for a tour arrangement is also available here. This airline has the lowest possibility of delaying. Imagine if a flight is delayed 6 hours, that day tour should be broken. Vietnam Airlines use Airbus 321 and Boeing 747 for the flights from one to two hours. The flights under 45 minutes are with ATR 72 which has no business class at all

2.Vietnam Airlines Review


Considering Vietnam Airlines is a quality full-service airline its fares are a good value for money. While other airlines, such as VietJet Air are cheaper, Vietnam Airlines is of better value due to superior service.

      Flight services

Vietnam Airlines’ cabins have been designed to have three flight classes: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class. Every one of the three flight classes is accessible on local and worldwide flights.

In-flight entertainment and meal selection may move contingent upon the kind of the plane and the cabin class. Vietnam Airlines’ passengers are treated to the polite, formal, and attentive crew who are elegantly dressed and endlessly smiling.


As a full-service airline, all passenger tickets include catering. On very short domestic flights passengers are only served water, however, on longer flights they receive snacks and traveling from one end of Vietnam to the other, passengers will be served meals and drinks.

Catering on international flights is good with a choice between one Asian meal and one Western meal typical. Meal sizes in the Economy Class are generous while Business Class passengers are treated to gourmet style fine dining.


Vietnam Airlines’ entertainment system has games and other applications for customers who want to challenge themselves or simply have some relaxation. The airline also has its inflight magazines: Heritage and Fashion, representing the latest information about Vietnam’s culture, tourism, fashion, and society.

Depending on each route, Vietnamese, English, and other major languages’ complimentary newspapers are offered, which will help you catch up with news around the world.


Gone are the days when Vietnam Airlines was a scary Soviet-era carrier. In recent years, Vietnam Airlines has invested in new and modern aircraft, increasing staff qualifications and maintenance have made their safety record improve considerably.

During the last 20 years, the Vietnam airline has operated without serious incidents but historically of this airline has had three fatal incidents and two hijackings, but none in the 21st century.

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Vietnam Airlines Reviews
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Despite being a young airline, we found the experience comfortable and efficient. Vietnam Airlines is a modern airline and offers amenities that no longer exist in the US. If you find yourself in Vietnam and the pricing makes sense, we believe you’ll have a pleasant trip flying with Vietnam Airlines.