Vietnam Flag: The History And Meaning

By | March 15, 2022

The history and meaning of the Vietnamese flag are not known to everyone. If you are looking to learn about this flag, the article of Explore One Vietnam is what you need.

Vietnam Flag

1. History of Vietnamese Flag

The red flag with the yellow star appeared for the first time in the Nam Ky uprising against French colonialism; the author created a red background flag is comrade Nguyen Huu Tien (born on March 5, 1901, in Ha Nam province).

In May 1941, Ho Chi Minh presided over the VIII Central Conference, and there were many important decisions. After winning, the government set up and took the gold star’s red flag as the National Flag. This is the first document officially stipulating the Flag of Vietnam

Successful 8 – 1945 Revolution, the first session of parliament of Vietnam detailing the national flag into the constitution. The Democratic National Flag of Vietnam is a rectangle with a width of two-thirds of its length. The flag has a red background, and a golden star is in the middle.

After the Vietnam war, the National Assembly of Vietnam met in Hanoi Capital passed many important resolutions. Including the decision to recognize the red flag star yellow as the National Flag of the Republic Vietnamese Socialist.

2. The Meaning of the Vietnamese Flag

The red background symbolizes the blood of soldiers who died for the independence of Vietnam, and yellow indicates the skin color of Vietnamese people. The five vertices of the star represent the five primary classes in the society that the scholar, farmers, workers, traders, and soldiers together in the great family of people Vietnamese race.

Today, Vietnamese people often fly flags in front of their houses on festivals and holidays in Vietnam, such as National Day and Lunar New Year or on the days of football matches of the Vietnam national team, if when their football team wins.

3. Some Beautiful Images of the Vietnamese Flag

Vietnam Flag

Vietnam Flag

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can better understand the origin and historical significance of the Vietnamese flag. If you are backpacking in Vietnam and want to buy a T-shirt shaped like a red flag with the yellow symbol as a Vietnamese souvenir, you should visit Ben Thanh Market to find what you need.

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