Vietnam is in The Top 7 Ideal Countries to Travel in Spring

By | April 1, 2022

March is the best time of travel; spring comes everywhere in the Northern hemisphere, the weather is pleasant, nature is in harmony. This is also a great time for tourists when the cost is lower because it is not the peak season; there is no rush to visit very suitable places for an early spring adventure.

1. Vietnam

Spring “falls” to Vietnam right from March. International visitors to Vietnam to participate in this often choose the Northwest to visit and enjoy the scenery. After the cold winter, the hilly areas have become warmer and more relaxed; tourists also can live with and learn about the indigenous culture.

For a cultural experience, try going to Mai Chau, where there are 700-year-old villages still keeping the traditional way of life; guests will stay on stilts and learn about local occupations such as farming brocade weaving. And rice cultivation.

Closer to the border area, Sapa, with its challenging trails, is the destination of many tourists, where there are Giang Ta villages such as Lo Chai with golden rice mats, craggy cliffs, and friendly people.

2. Michoacan, Mexico

Early March is the last chance to see monarch butterflies fly together in large flocks back to Mexico. By this time, the branches of the Michoacán fir trees were drooping with the weight of some 200 million orange wings, ready for the journey north to the California coast.

This is the longest insect migration globally, extending up to 7,000 km. The first flocks of butterflies arrive in Mexico in November to hibernate in cocoons over the winter. Then, they appear in February and March to start their return journey; the butterflies will enlist to “flirt” with each other with romantic dances in the sky.

The best place to witness this is the forests of Michoacán, in the vast Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, which UNESCO lists. The principal reserves here are Rosario, Sierra Chincua, and Senguio. When coming here, remember that it is necessary to be quiet because butterflies are very observant and sensitive.

3. Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica

March is when autumn ends, and winter begins at the South Pole of the Earth. At this time, the ice layers began to solidify, forming a tight frozen body of water, stretching up to 1,000 km around this southern continent.

This is the right time for whale watching. About six whales swim freely in Antarctica, especially humpback fish accounts for a more significant proportion. Visitors coming here in March will see schools of fish swimming together, moving north to avoid the cold, creating a beautiful sight from nature.

Sign up for a fish and wildlife viewing tour for the best view. Many terms let you pass through crowded migratory streams, such as the Lemaire Canal Wilhelmina Bay, where many mollusks and whales come to find an abundant food source.

4. Lapland, Sweden

The lynx is not easy to see, especially in the snowy terrain in the northwest of Sweden. But in March, it was different. This is the breeding season when these feral cats search for their potential mates.

Today, lynx viewing tours are organized and increasingly popular. Guests will have to travel a lot and be challenged in heavy snow conditions, ski by themselves to a secluded cabin in Jokkmokk, leave their luggage, and then ski. Snow a little more to reach the wildest and then… lie and wait. Even though it’s so extreme, just seeing the lynx with eyes is considered satisfying to the soul.

However, unfortunately, not seeing a snowcat at all is okay. March is also an excellent time to visit Sweden’s Arctic wilderness. You’ll probably see lots of reindeer and elk walking on the snow for the first time, while at night, you can see the aurora borealis – a stunning optical phenomenon in the sky.

5. Argentina’s Patagonia Region

March and April see the spectacular appearance of the Valdés Peninsula killer whales. The fry jumps on the water, juggles, plays with each other, takes advantage of the bait, and creates a beautiful scene for visitors.

This unforgettable sight does not require a strenuous boat ride to see. In the Valdés Peninsula Animal Sanctuary, Punta Norte Beach is the best place to spot killer whales. However, visitors need to book tickets early to get a comfortable seat with the best view.

6. Karnataka, India

March and April are also the best times to see the only leopard in Nagarhole National Park, the black panther. The arid forests of Kabini make the black panther challenging to find because it blends in with the color of the soil. Sightseeing tours don’t guarantee you’ll see a black panther, but as the dry season begins, vegetation dies down, and water becomes scarcer, the chances of catching one are higher.

7. Carnaval Vénitien, Annecy, France

Annecy blends medieval character with modernity, set in lifeline canals and surrounded by mountains, just a short distance from the Swiss border of France. At the beginning of March, this place attracts many visitors to the Alpine carnival.

It’s a modern festival that first started in 1995, but what’s happening makes it look nothing like this era. Partygoers wear masks, perform ancient rituals, parade quietly through the old streets along Annecy Canal.

Wander the cobblestone streets, under the windowsill filled with geraniums, the scent of tartiflette (cheese, potatoes, and bacon) wafting from everywhere. Don’t forget to stop by the medieval castle museum, walk through the village and find the Alpine peaks and Lake Annecy.

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