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7 Famous Local Markets in Vietnam You Should Visit

If you are someone who wants to learn about the daily life of Vietnamese, the local market in Vietnam is the best place for you. When visiting these markets, you will have the opportunity to shop for their favorite items and discover many exciting things.

1. Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan Market is one of the most famous markets in Vietnam. At the same time, this is also known as the most important and oldest Market in Hanoi when located in Hanoi’s old quarter. The city government built this market in 1889, and it has existed for hundreds of years since the Nguyen Dynasty.

Initially, the market was mainly open-air or covered with a thatched roof. Experiencing many events due to wars, fires, and growing society, the Dong Xuan market is now built quite superficially and spaciously.

Today, Dong Xuan market is a busy shopping place in Hanoi. Here you can find many items to buy, such as fabrics, household goods, clothes, and souvenirs.

Besides trading all kinds of goods, Dong Xuan market is also known as a famous snack market in Hanoi. You can enjoy some traditional dishes of Northern Vietnam such as Bun Cha, Rib porridge, and Bun Rieu when coming here.

Vietnam Market - Dong Xuan

2. Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market is known as the oldest and largest Market in Central Vietnam today. Initially, Nguyen Dynasty constructed the market outside the Dong Ba gate. In about 1885, after the Hue Citadel fell, the French burned this market. By 1887, at the old location, the city government rebuilt the market under the reign of King Dong Khanh. However, until the power of King Thanh Thai (1899), the market was moved to near the confluence of Hang Be and Perfume Rivers until now.

A unique feature of Dong Ba market is that it was built in ancient Hue architecture, including a bell tower in the center. Nine blocks of houses surround it with four new sales areas as a service area, an area for household goods, etc. new food area.

The total market area is 15,597m2, with thousands of small traders trading here. Each day at this market welcomes about 5000 to 7000 visitors, including residents and tourists. When coming here, visitors can buy any products they love, from clothes, shoes, cosmetics, dry food to famous Hue specialties to bring back as gifts.

Besides, the market is located in the city center, so people can quickly and conveniently move to Hue tourist attractions such as Truong Tien Bridge, Perfume River, etc.

Vietnam Market - Dong Ba

3. Hoi An Night Market

Hoi an night market is a beautiful tourist that anyone is coming to Hoian ancient town should not ignore. If the atmosphere in the old city is somewhat quiet and peaceful during the day, when night comes, the stalls at the night market are busier than ever.

Hoi An night market is about 300m long with about 50 stalls stretching along the Nguyen Hoang route. The goods here are very diverse with all kinds of goods, from souvenirs and cuisine to decorations, clothes, and bags. The market is open from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The items sold at Hoi An night market are pretty friendly and suitable for many classes. It would help if you also haggled; however, the seller here will not give an unreasonable price.

If you can say some Vietnamese sentences such as hello in Vietnamese language, you will make a big impression on them, and you only need to bargain two or three prices to buy the item with the correct value, or most approximate.

Also, when coming to the Hoi An night market, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes of Hoi An such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Tao Pho, and participate in the activity of releasing lanterns on the river.

4. Da Lat Market

Located in the heart of Da Lat city, Da Lat market is known as a market with unique and spacious architecture in Vietnam. At the same time, it is also a symbolic market of the Central Highlands area that many domestic and foreign tourists visit.

The market was started construction in 1958 and completed in 1960. Because tourism in Da Lat is growing and the demand for trade is increasing, in 1993, the City government built the market with area B with three floors.

Da Lat market is the largest trading center of the city, so it operates almost all day and night to serve the business needs of the people and create favorable conditions for tourists to visit and experience the daily life of the people here.

When coming to Da Lat Market, do not forget to buy famous specialties here as gifts such as Vietnamese coffee powder, strawberry jam, artichoke tea, pink jam.

Vietnam Market - Dalat

5. Dam Market

In 1961, before the deterioration and needs of the city people, the City government rebuilt Dam Market with a larger scale and investment. The new market is designed with a lotus shape with a diameter of more than 66m2. The area, including the ground and first floors, is about 5200m2.

Dam Market is located in Ben Cho, Van Thanh ward, Nha Trang city. Dam Market is usually open from 5:00 am to 6:30 pm daily. If you wonder what to buy as a gift when traveling to Nha Trang, Dam Market is the place to help you.

This place sells a variety of products, from seafood to souvenirs and handicrafts or Vietnamese vegetable green, in daily meals of the Vietnamese family.

Besides, Dam Market is also a place to sell delicious street food at affordable prices that will surely surprise you. Some dishes you should try are Nha Trang Jellyfish Noodles, Grilled Beef Noodles, Nha Trang Grilled Spring Rolls.

Dam Market

6. Ben Thanh Market

When it comes to the top markets in Vietnam, you cannot ignore Ben Thanh Market’s name. This is one of the markets that are very familiar to Vietnamese people and international tourists when located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Before 1859, on the banks of the Ben Nghe channel, there was only a small market close to Saigon. Therefore, the market is called Ben Thanh to this day. In 1870, a fire partially burned down the market until 1911; the old market began to be demolished to build a more spacious and spacious new market.

The market was built and completed in 1914, until now, the market with more than 100 years of age is the largest trading center in the South and a famous sightseeing destination of many foreign tourists.

As one of the oldest commercial centers of Saigon city and a place with bold traditional values, the Ben Thanh market attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to shop and visit. When coming here, everyone can buy any Vietnam souvenirs they love, along with that, you will encounter all kinds of languages ​​to exchange and purchase.

The market operates both day and night, especially at night; around the market gathers many small toad markets to create a vibrant and bustling night market.

Ben Thanh Market

7. Nga Bay Floating Market

With a dense and interlaced river terrain, the Southwest region is famous for its floating markets, in which Nga Bay floating market is the oldest renowned market in this land.

The city government built the market in 1915; this is a place to trade and exchange goods for southwestern residents and attract many domestic and foreign tourists to experience and shop.

A unique feature of this market is the intersection of 7 main river routes converging here: Xeo Vong, Lai Hieu, Xeo Mon, Soc Trang, Bung Tau, Mang Ca, and Cai Mon.

For Nga Bay floating market, the convergence of these seven tributaries to form a famous market has become a unique feature that you cannot find in any other market.

The market is most crowded in the early morning hours. Visitors will see a colorful scene from the river, tropical fruits, vegetables, and food shops on the exciting floating water.

If you have the opportunity to come here, try to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee and eat a delicious bowl of fish noodles or listen to the endless chants of the girls in the Ba Ba dress. Make sure you have a lot of exciting experiences when coming to this floating market.

Nga Bay Floating Mảket

After reading through this article, you can see that. Each market has its outstanding features, showing the beauty of each region. So, if possible, take a moment to discover the attractiveness of famous local markets in Vietnam. We hope this article will help you understand better the life, people, and culture of Vietnam from the simplest thing.