If you are a United States Citizen and you prepare backpacking in Vietnam, the first thing you need to do is apply for a Vietnam visa to go to this country. Below is our article about all things you need to know about getting a Visa for Vietnam from the US.

1. Vietnam Visa Requirements For US Citizens

  • Passport with a valid period of at least 06 months
  • Two photos 2 inches x 2 inches available (Photos are taken within three months)
  • Prepare some money to pay for the visa service fee

2. How to Apply For a Vietnam Visa For US Citizens?

There are three ways for you to get a visa to go to Vietnam. These three ways each have advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the one that is the best way for you.

vietnam visa for us citizens

2.1. Apply for Vietnam Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate

Applying for a Vietnam visa from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the United States is a perfect choice. You can apply directly at the Vietnamese Embassy. If you are far away, you can apply online or by email.

Finally, if there isn’t any problem, you will receive Vietnam loose-leaf visa by mail. Information Details about How To Get, Processing time & Vietnam Visa fees for us citizens when applying at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the USA, you can read more here.

  • Pros

You can apply for a tourist visa, business visa, working visa, or student visa.

If you are traveling with a group or family, you can apply by email and receive a loose-leaf visa by mail.

With a Vietnam visa issued by the embassy/consulate, you can enter Vietnam at any border gate (Road, Sea, Air).

You will not need to pay any other fees when you go through immigration procedures at Vietnam airports.

  • Cons

You will be required to submit your original passport or a copy of the ID page if you choose the way to apply in person or by post.

You will have to fill out all information on the forms correctly yourself

If the personal data in the loose-leaf visa is incorrect, you will need to contact the embassy again and pay a small fee to correct the information.

In addition to the usual fees involved in processing your visa application, you will have to pay extra for postal services.

2.2. Apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival For US Citizens

A Vietnam visa on arrival will be a good choice if you or your family come to Vietnam by Air. Typically, to get a Vietnam visa on arrival, you will have to use the visa services of a travel company in Vietnam.

They will guarantee you with the Immigration Department so that you are allowed to enter Vietnam. If all goes well, you will receive your visa approval letter via email. You can read detailed information on how to get, and use it, and the cost of a Vietnam visa on arrival here.

Generally, processing takes about two business days. The cost of a Vietnam visa on arrival depends on the number of tickets you apply for, the number of entries, and the purpose of visiting Vietnam.

  • Pros

Can apply for two types of visas is a tourist visa and a business visa

Has the fastest processing time, about 2 to 4 working hours, if you are in urgent need and agree to pay an extra fee

You will get your money back if your visa application is denied

You can apply for multiple visas for many people in one application

  • Cons

Expenses an extra amount for visa service companies

You will spend much time at the airport in Vietnam waiting for your turn to pay the stamping fee at the visa on arrival counter.

Note: Prepare cash to pay the stamp fee directly at the airport in payment ( VND or USD). Using credit cards is not acceptable.

2.3. Apply For Vietnam Visa Online

Vietnam e-visa, also known as Vietnam Visa Online, is the most popular way today, and it will save you time and money so much.

You just have a few minutes to fill in the form online, then wait for about three working days, and you will get an e-visa in your email. Vietnam e-visa cost for US citizens is $ 25.

  • Pros

Lowest cost & you will not have to pay an extra stamping fee

Vietnam e-Visa can be extended when you are in Vietnam

You can enter Vietnam by land, air, or sea. Because Vietnam e-visa is accepted for entry and exit at 33 ports of entry

  • Cons

You will don’t receive a refund of payment for E-Visa applications. Suppose your visa application is refused. So please make sure your form online has no incorrect details and is filled out with the information.

Each Vietnam e-visa application form is for one person only

This type of visa is only for tourists and is valid for one entry, and the maximum stay is 30 days

3. How To Get Vietnam E-Visa For US Citizens

Step 1: Please visit the website of the Immigration Department Vietnam at this URL and fill in personal information, and entry information according to the form displayed on the site, and confirm the accuracy of the information you fill in then you pay the Visa Card or Master Card.

Step 2: After about three working days. The Immigration Department of Vietnam will email the applicant a PDF file; this PDF file is an E – Visa.

Step 3: You print the E -Visa file sent by the Immigration Agency via email. To enter Vietnam, you need to present a printed e-Visa and your passport at the immigration counter, and you do not need to queue at the visa on arrival counter.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to get a Vietnam Tourist Visa without spending too much money on Vietnam visa service companies.


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