10 Most Popular Vietnamese Breakfast Dishes

By | April 29, 2022

Breakfast plays a vital role because it is the energy source for a tiring working day. If you are looking for a list of Vietnamese breakfast dishes, you are at the right place

1. Pho

Pho is not only the most popular breakfast dish in Vietnam but also internationally known as a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine. Noodle soup is made from rice and is usually served in two popular forms: Pho Beef and Pho Chicken. Hanoi is the city with the most delicious pho restaurants in Vietnam

Vietnamese Breakfast Pho

2. Braised beef

Braised beef is a popular Vietnamese beef stew that can be eaten alone or with bread/Hu Tieu. The dish consists of beef, carrots, lemongrass, cinnamon, chili, pepper, garlic, and shallots, all simmered in a spicy and aromatic broth.

The origin of braised beef remains a mystery, although it is believed that the dish has many influences from both the East and the West. It is traditionally served for breakfast, garnished with scallions, coriander, and chopped onions.

3. Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue is a great Vietnamese breakfast. The dish consists of beef and pork bone broth, big noodles, lemongrass, shrimp paste, lime juice, and various herbs.

This noodle dish is tastier than most other Vietnamese vermicelli dishes, and its flavor is often described as rich and complex. The beef noodle soup of Hue is a dish that originated in Hue city.

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4. Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is popular Vietnamese breakfast food in all three regions; it consists of thin rolls and pounded pork with shiitake mushrooms and wood ear mushrooms inside. In addition, this cake has many variations according to each region.

Banh Cuon is often served with sweet and sour fish sauce, various herbs, and even spring rolls. It takes particular skill to make these steamed rolls, as they always have to be extremely thin and translucent.

5. Bo Ne

Bo Ne is one of the Vietnamese breakfasts, especially popular in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s made with marinated steak-like cuts of beef and served on a sizzling cast-iron plate with fried eggs, onions, chili sauce, and a pate.

The dish is usually accompanied by condiments and bread, including lettuce, onion, tomato, and cucumber. The meat is usually dipped in a mixture of pepper sauce, lime juice, and salt, while the bread is used to scoop out the rest of the pate and egg yolks onto a plate.

6. Broken rice – Com Tam

Broken rice is a breakfast dish that originated in Saigon. It consists of grilled pork served over broken rice. The combination is usually topped with a mixture of sautéed onions and pickles and is accompanied by the sweet and sour dipping sauce. This dish is generally served in the morning for breakfast to most Vietnamese because of its moderate price.

7. Porridge Dishes

Porridge is one of the Vietnamese dishes good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This dish is very easy to cook because almost every electric rice cooker has a porridge function.

Although considered a dish of the poor, Porridge can taste a lot better when cooked with various meats.

For example, Chicken Porridge is a porridge boiled with a whole chicken with bones to get the best broth. There are also other types of Porridge, such as Duck Porridge, Eel Porridge, and Fish Porridge.

8. Vietnamese Bread

Vietnamese bread is a dish originating from France; the eating habits of the French who came to Vietnam during the colonial period strongly influenced the formation of this dish. Vietnamese bread with crust is a loaf of toast with crisp skin and a soft filling.

The filling includes sausage, pork liver, deli, liver pate, and butter served with ketchup or chili sauce. The famous newspaper The Guardian has voted Vietnamese bread in the top 10 most delicious and attractive street foods globally.

9. Vietnamese Sticky Rice

Although Pho is famous worldwide, it is hard to say that Pho or Xoi is more popular for breakfast in Vietnam. Even in the smallest alleys in Vietnam, one can also find a street vendor selling sticky rice in the morning.

Sticky rice has many variations, from simple and cheap ones like Sticky Rice with Green Beans, Sticky Rice with Green Beans, Sticky Rice with Peanuts, or Sticky Rice with Corn to relatively “premium” varieties such as Sticky Rice with Eggs, Sausages, and meats little.

10. Eel Vermicelli

Eel vermicelli is a very popular breakfast dish in North Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. The broth to cook this special dish is made from the bones and intestines of the eel; Then, the seller will add fried eel slices later. Fresh vegetables are served to remove the fishy taste.

Vietnamese Breakfast

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