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Vietnamese Coffee – All Things You Need To Know

History Of Vietnamese Coffee ?

The first coffee plants were brought to Vietnam by the French in 1857. In early 1900, coffee was grown in some northern provinces. After that, coffee trees were planted in the central provinces like Quang Tri and Quang Binh. Finally, Vietnamese Coffee are planted gradually in the Central Highlands and South East regions of Vietnam and the French began to realize that the Central Highlands was the most suitable place to grow coffee.

There are three types of coffee brought into Vietnam by the French. These are the varieties of Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee and Liberica Coffee. After a while, the French realized that the Arabica coffee variety was not highly economic, so they brought the Robusta coffee from Congo into the Central Highlands. Here, coffee trees have grown very strongly, coffee area is increasing. And the Central Highlands became the largest area of robusta coffee growing in Vietnam in both size and reputation

Vietnamese Coffee

From the 1990s up to now, experiencing many ups and downs of history, Vietnam has become the second largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil. Currently, Vietnam focuses on growing and exporting coffee Robusta and create a very unique culture about how to enjoy different coffee in each region

How to enjoy Coffee in Vietnam

In Ho Chi Minh City, people drank coffee in a ready-made way with some ice cubes and they called it vietnamese iced coffee. Hanoi people are different from Saigon people, they drink coffee in the style of Coffee filter without cold ice, so it is more bold and bitter than coffee in Saigon and they call it black coffee. Also here, there is a very special coffee in Hanoi, which is egg coffee

In Saigon, people can enjoy coffee at any time of the day, morning, noon and afternoon. In addition, many people in Saigon also have a hobby of enjoying coffee with a close friend and watching the strange stillness of the city at night. For Hanoi people, they usually only enjoy coffee in the morning. Hanoi people do not sit for too long but they are not in a hurry. For them, enjoying coffee is an art.

Vietnamese Coffee

Saigon people can drink coffee anywhere, from sidewalks to luxury shops. The locations serving this drink in Saigon are also very diverse: from coffee books, coffee to pets, coffee to garden coffee. In Hanoi, it is different, because the area is small and the coffee drinkers are quite large, so the cafes are simpler than in Saigon. Often, guests sit and drink coffee right at the sidewalk. Especially when the cafe is too crowded, the guests are ready to sit at the same table.

How to make Vietnamese Coffee

Iced Coffee Recipe – How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee At Home

Step 1: Prepare ingredients: pure coffee powder, coffee filter, boiling water, ice cubes

Step 2: Use hot water to soak through the filter to clean and disinfect the previous phase. Next, add a sufficient amount of coffee into the filter.

Step 3: Incubate coffee by pouring a small amount of water into the filter. After that, cover the lid for a minute to make the coffee powder expand.

Step 4: Add water to the filter, wait for the coffee to filter the most delicious drops then add some salt particles to make the coffee more bold.

Wait 3-5 minutes for the coffee cup to cool down, then put the ice cubes in the cup. So you have a delicious cup of black coffee. Very fast and simple right!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cà phê đá

How to make Vietnamese Egg Coffee

The way to make egg coffee is similar to the way of making ice coffee above. In the fifth step, we take 2 more steps (note: you don’t put salt in the coffee cup):

Step 6: Smash chicken eggs, just take the yolk, remove the white. Add 3-4 drops of honey, and beat the egg until beating. After beating, put the egg in the cup.

Step 7: Add coffee to a heat-resistant cup, turn it on the microwave for about 1 minute for the coffee to heat up, then slowly pour the coffee into the egg cup and stir it up. So you have a cup of egg coffee for yourself

Note: If you want to sip this special Vietnamese Coffee for a longer time, you can put a cup of coffee in a bowl of hot water. This helps keep the coffee warm and the eggs are not easy to cool, fishy.

Vietnamese egg Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee – All Things You Need To Know
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