Vietnamese Zodiac – All Things You Need To Know

Many people will certainly feel very familiar and close to the Vietnamese zodiac. However, what is these zodiac signs and what is the meaning of the order of animals, not everyone understands.

1. What are the Vietnamese Zodiac Signs?

The Vietnamese zodiac is 12 animals arranged in order Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. This is the cycle system used by Asian countries such as Korea, Korea, Singapore, China, Vietnam, etc., to calculate time.

2. The Meaning And Order of the Vietnamese Zodiac Animals

According to legend, the origin of the Vietnamese zodiac comes from China. The animals competed to see who finished first on the birthday of the Jade Emperor; from there, the Jade Emperor would decide the order and first place.

When being circulated to Vietnam, the animals representing the 12 animals have been slightly changed to suit the customs and practices, but basically, the order of the animals remains the same.

Group 1: Rat and Ox

This group includes Rats and Buffaloes. Rats are smart, intelligent, and agile, while the Buffalo symbolizes diligence, tolerance, and hard work. These two qualities need to be closely combined to create a person who can work and have a sharp mind.

Group 2: Tiger and Cat
The tiger represents strength and courage, while the cat represents care. When these two qualities are combined, people can easily do great things.

Group 3: Dragon and Snake
The snake represents flexibility; the Dragon represents hardness and strength. These two qualities combined complement each other.

Group 4: Horse and Goat
The Goat symbolizes unity and harmony, while the Horse symbolizes the will to fight towards the goal without faltering.

Group 5: Monkey and Rooster
The monkey represents sharpness and intelligence, while the chicken symbolizes principles and rules.

Group 6: Dog and Pig
A pig is an animal associated with gentleness, and a dog symbolizes loyalty.

Vietnamese Zodiac Animals

3. Vietnamese Zodiac in Daily Life

The Vietnamese Zodiac sign is a key aspect of a person’s identity. People often identify strongly with their zodiac animal sign and take pride in its associated traits and characteristics. Knowing one’s zodiac sign is considered important and is a topic of casual conversation.

During the Vietnamese New Year, also known as Tet, the Zodiac sign of the upcoming year is prominently featured in decorations, cultural performances, and traditional dances. People often exchange greetings and gifts based on the Zodiac animal of the current year.

The Vietnamese Zodiac is used to assess compatibility between individuals, particularly in personal relationships. People may seek to form partnerships or marriages with individuals whose Zodiac signs are believed to be compatible with their own.

The Zodiac sign can influence the naming of newborns. Parents may choose names for their children based on auspicious characteristics associated with the child’s Zodiac animal.

Just like in other cultures, horoscopes based on the Vietnamese Zodiac are popular in Vietnam. People often read horoscopes to gain insights into their future, luck, and potential challenges.

Some people consult the Zodiac when making important life decisions, such as choosing a career, starting a business, or planning significant events. They may seek to align their actions with the auspicious elements of their Zodiac sign.

People wear accessories, such as pendants, keychains, or jewelry, featuring their Zodiac animal sign as a form of personal adornment and a symbol of good luck and protection.

Hopefully, our above sharing has helped you understand the Vietnamese zodiac and the order, name, and age of the 12 zodiac animals. Thank you for following this article!

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