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Vietnamese New Year – Tet Vietnam

Vietnamese New Year is an important festival for Vietnamese people; however, not everyone knows the origin and meaning of this festival. In this article, let’s find out What the Tet is? 1. What is Vietnamese New Year? According to Wiki, the Vietnamese New Year (Tet Ta, Traditional New Year, or simply Tet) is Vietnam’s most… Read More »

Vietnam Visa For US Citizens 2022

If you are a United States Citizen and you prepare backpacking in Vietnam, the first thing you need to do is apply for a Vietnam visa to go to this country. Below is our article about all things you need to know about getting a Visa for Vietnam from the US. 1. Vietnam Visa Requirements… Read More »

Best Time to Visit Vietnam For Traveler

Vietnam has more than 1,000 km and is divided into three regions, so the best time to visit Vietnam is challenging for many visitors when backpacking in Vietnam. Don’t worry, because this article of ours will help you answer this question correctly. 1. When is the Best time to visit Vietnam? Northern Vietnam From the… Read More »

Is Vietnam Safe To Travel? – The Answer is Safe

In surveys of many famous travel magazines globally about Is Vietnam Safe To Travel? Vietnam has always consistently reached the top of the safest destinations. So what is the reason to help Vietnam always “stand firm” in this prestigious ranking? Let’s find out the cause of this. 1. Political stability Politics profoundly affects the safety… Read More »

Useful Vietnam Travel Tips For Foreign Visitors

Vietnam is one of the most attractive and easy-to-go destinations in Southeast Asia, but previewing Vietnam travel tips is still essential for first-time visitors backpacking in Vietnam. 1. The safety of Food and Water Tap water in Vietnam is usually not drinkable, and the best option is bottled water or filtered water. The dishes in… Read More »

Vietnam Flag: The History And Meaning

The history and meaning of the Vietnamese flag are not known to everyone. If you are looking to learn about this flag, the article of Explore One Vietnam is what you need. 1. History of Vietnamese Flag The red flag with the yellow star appeared for the first time in the Nam Ky uprising against French… Read More »

Why did the US lose the Vietnam War?

To this day, Americans and mainly American historians are still vaguely contradictory to why did the US lose the Vietnam war? The following general article of us is the most remarkable ideas and views about the cause of the failure of the US during the Vietnam War.  1. Green Forest Hell This is the name… Read More »