10 Great Things To Do in Da Lat 2020

Dalat is one of Vietnam‘s famous tourist destinations not because it has many beautiful landscapes that Dalat also attracts tourists with interesting experiences and wonderful activities. If you are wondering what to do in Dalat, I think the 10 great things to do in Dalat below will help you.

1. Drink coffee and see the city of Dalat.

The first thing you should do when you come to Dalat is to drink coffee at an elevated cafe and admire the beauty of the whole city. With Dalat’s cool year-round climate, enjoying a hot cup of coffee is a great thing for anyone who comes here. There is no shortage of cafes in the city that have a beautiful and quiet space for you to visit. Here are a few cafes with beautiful views in Da Lat

things to do in Dalat

Addresses some Coffee shops with beautiful views

MeLinh Coffee Garden: Provincial Road 725, Da Lat City

Bich Cau Coffee Garden: Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat City

The Seen House Coffee: Lake Tuyen Lam, Ward 3, Da Lat City

2. Visit Dalat night market

If you are a favorite of street food and are looking for places to enjoy the specialties of Dalat, Dalat Night Market is the place you should visit. With many delicious hot snacks such as grilled corn, baked rice paper, Da Lat cake, soya milk … help you can fill your hungry stomach. Going to the night market, in addition to enjoying snacks, you can also buy sophisticated clothes, shoes or decorative souvenirs.

3. Overnight camping in Dalat

Overnight camping in Dalat is a favorite activity of many tourists when coming to this city. Dalat is located in the ideal location for camping activities because of its beautiful natural scenery, cool weather. The most appropriate time to camp is to fall in the dry season from January to August, avoid the rainy season from September until the end of December because at this time the night weather will be very cold.

Visitors can choose to camp at Thien Phuc Duc hill or Bo island, to be able to watch the clouds in the early morning and capture beautiful pictures.

4. Best things to do in Dalat – Kayaking in Tuyen Lam Lake and exploring maple leaf forests

Tuyen Lam Lake located in the south of the city is a famous lake that attracts many tourists when coming to Dalat. Besides high-class resorts, camping activities, kayaking and exploring maple leaf forests are also an interesting activity that attracts many tourists, especially couples who like privacy and romance.

Boating on the lake, visitors will relax and watch the romantic scenery between mountains and forests, especially the time when Maple leaves change colors to red from October to mid-December.

things to do in Dalat

5.Conquer LangBiang mountain peak

LangBiang is considered as the roof of Da Lat and is the place to worship the eternal love between the young K’lang and the beautiful H’biang. LangBiang mountain is located in the LangBiang conservation area with an area of 275,439 ha, recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve.

There are 2 ways to get to the top of the mountain by jeep and walking along the jungle trail. No matter how you conquer LangBiang, it is extremely interesting. From the top of the mountain, you can see an immense green pine forest, far away is Suoi Vang Lake and the beautiful Suoi Bac Lake in the mist.

6. Experience a day as a farmer in Dalat

In Dalat there is a very interesting experience that any tourist should not ignore: visit the strawberry garden and harvest fresh strawberries in the garden. This activity has become a “characteristic” and attracts many visitors when coming to Dalat city. When you come to the strawberry garden, you will be enthusiastically guided by the garden owner on how to grow and take care of the strawberries meticulously, you can hand-pick the ripe berries, break them off the stalks and bring them to your mouth to enjoy.

You should pick the best strawberries to buy. With reasonable prices that are not high compared to market prices, you will have strawberries brought back as gifts for family and friends. In addition to eating and picking strawberries in the garden, you are also free to take photos in the style of “gardening” on the beds of green strawberries and ripe red fruits.

Visiting and becoming a farmer to harvest strawberries is an interesting experience, if any visitor comes to Dalat without visiting the strawberry garden, it seems to have missed a great thing when traveling to Dalat.

7. Car Slide Waterfall Dantala

If you like to experience adventurous games in Dalat, the car slide Datanla waterfall is the place that will meet your needs.

The car slide system at Datanla is considered the only car slide system in Da Lat city. The form of sliding on the pipe trough for 2 people is chosen by many tourists because there is a hand brake to adjust the speed of the car as desired.

In 2018, Datanla has added a 2400m slide system – setting the record for the longest slide in Southeast Asia giving you more attractive options when playing here.

Tickets to visit the entrance of Datanla waterfall are 30,000 VND / adult and 15,000 VND / child. Round trip tickets are 60,000 VND / adult and 40,000 VND / child.

things to do in Dalat

8. Visit Da Lat Station

Dalat Station is 5 km from the city center. This is a place to visit not to be missed when visiting this romantic city.

Today, when you come to Da Lat Station, you will admire the ancient architecture of the train station that used to be the biggest train station in Indochina, although it has been freshly painted and repaired Da Lat Station still has an ancient look. Attractive many tourists when coming to Dalat

With a ticket price of only 5,000 VND / person, you can visit the vast campus of the Station, take photos with beautiful steam train carriages.

Apart from the ancient look, Da Lat Station is also considered the most beautiful, tallest station and has the most expensive train ticket in Vietnam

You can experience the train going from Da Lat station to Trai Mat which is currently operating to serve tourism is quite interesting!

Tickets from hard to soft sitting, VIP 1 VIP 2 ranges from 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND, ships travel 30 minutes to Trai Mat Station and will stop there for 30 minutes for visitors to visit around or visit Linh Pagoda Phuoc.

9. Top things to do in Dalat – Walk around Xuan Huong Lake

Ho Xuan Huong is considered the heart of Dalat city. If you come to Da Lat city and say you have not seen Ho Xuan Huong. I think you have never been to Dalat.

When coming here, you will feel the peace and romance that this lake brings

when you walk around the lake. You will see firsthand the wild Himalayan cherry trees blooming with brilliant pink and clear blue lake surface. All these things come together to create a charming and romantic setting.

In addition, when you come to Ho Xuan Huong you can experience some other interesting activities such as duck riding or drinking coffee and watching Ho Xuan Huong in Thanh Thuy Pensee


10. Experience the Dalat cable car

Dalat Cable Car is not only a cable car that transports passengers to Truc Lam Pagoda but it is also a sightseeing vehicle to help visitors enjoy the panoramic view of Dalat city.

Discovering Da Lat from above gives you a completely new experience. Looking down from the cabin, you will see the immense hills and mountains, scattering pine forests or admire the luxurious French villas with colorful flower gardens. Occasionally you will encounter a few clouds floating around making you feel like you are in heaven

The best time to experience Dalat cable car is in the morning, you should avoid it at noon and early afternoon. You should buy a return ticket to get a cheaper price

things to do in Dalat

Fare of Da Lat cable car

  1. Adult cable car fares: VND 80,000 / round trip ticket and VND 60,000 /one-way ticket
  2. Child fare: VND 70,000 / return ticket and VND 50,000 /one-way ticket.
Hopefully, with 10 great things to do in Dalat that I suggest, it will help you have an interesting and fun trip to Dalat. Good luck