Most 10 Beautiful National Parks in Vietnam

By | March 16, 2022

National parks are tourist attractions that many people are interested in when traveling to Vietnam. The beauty of the national parks in Vietnam that we introduced below will make you want to take a trip immediately.

1. Nam Cat Tien National Park

Nam Cat Tien National Park is home to 1,529 animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish. In addition, this place also possesses rich flora such as evergreen broadleaf forest, bamboo forest, submerged vegetation. This place attracts tourists who have an interest in mixing with nature or adventure.

When visiting Nam Cat Tien National Park, activities you can enjoy are cycling through the forest, visiting Ben Cu rock rapids, botanical gardens, or observing animals at night. When Going to Nam Cat Tien, you should bring long-sleeved clothes has dark colors, soft hats, socks, flashlights, and raincoats.

Nam Cat Tien - National parks in Vietnam


2. Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua National Park is located in the northeast of Ninh Thuan province, in the Ninh Hai district. With ​​nearly 30,000 hectares, Nui Chua has a typical drought-forest ecosystem rarely seen in Vietnam, with many creatures gathering rich and diverse. Although there is little rain here, Mount Nui National Park has “Treo Lake,” and many significant streams like Lo O, Dong Nha, and Kien Kien never run out.

Mount Nui National Park is very suitable for picnics. What’s more astounding is when you struggle in the calm waters of “Treo Lake” and watch the wild beauty of seduction, or you can try the adventurous feeling of climbing the cliffs on the beach. If you set up a tent to camp overnight at Vinh Hy Bay at the right time, you can see the sea turtles laying eggs with your own eyes.

3. Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is located in Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa, the first nature reserve in Vietnam. This is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists about species diversity in the forest ecosystem and beautiful natural landscape.

Here, you can admire the rare animals and discover beautiful caves like Son Cung cave and Pho Ma cave. Besides, finding Cuc Phuong National Park will allow you to learn the features and cultural characteristics of some ethnic minorities living here.

4. Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is located in Bac Kan province. The national park is 50 km from Bac Kan town and 250 km from Hanoi to the north. It is an ideal eco-tourism destination with beautiful scenery and biodiversity.

Coming to Ba Be Lake, you should visit the Fairy Pond. The name “Fairy Pond” is associated with a legend about the hunter; passing through the Fairy Pond was fascinated by the beautiful beauty of fairies bathing in the pond.

Fairy Pond is located in Ba Be Lake, a small lake in the middle of primitive forests, with interconnected underground circuits between Tien Pond and Ba Be Lake. This is the unique feature of Tien Pond, which is also home to many aquatic plants and animals.

5. Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park is home to the world-famous red-headed crane, which promises to be an attractive destination in the journey to explore the Mekong Delta. When you come here, you will be relaxed watching the birds and peaceful natural scenery.

July to October is the primary tourist season in Tram Chim National Park. When coming here, you can see the scene of evergreen trees and see the beauty of lotus flowers and water lilies. Also, you will enjoy the fascinating specialties of the river, such as grilled snakehead fish with young lotus leaves… etc.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tram Chim National Park

6. Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is an attractive eco-tourism destination and is especially attractive to travelers who like to explore adventure. With majestic natural landscapes, mountains, and a rich and diverse forest ecosystem, this place is recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve.

At Cat Ba National Park, you will have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities, explore nature such as trekking, observe primates and birds, and swim on pristine beaches. Or recreational fishing.

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7. Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is a place with a fresh and cool climate, with many spectacular natural landscapes with many streams originating from Ba Vi mountains with water flowing all year round create beautiful waterfalls such as Ao King waterfall, Nga waterfall, Khoang Xanh waterfall.

In addition, this place also has many exciting places to visit: cactus garden, Ngoc Hoa cave, the revolutionary historical site of fortress 600, French military area, French summer camp, old church, prison During the French period, Tan Vien temple, Ho Chi Minh temple, and Bao Thien tower.

Besides, with vibrant flora and fauna preserved, this place is very suitable for biological research.

8. Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park in Thua Thien Hue province is home to more than 2,373 plants and 1,715 species. Many rare species are listed in the red book, such as fire wolf, civet, and leopard.

Bach Ma - National parks in Vietnam

Visitors can register for Hue – Bach Ma tour or explore by themselves. The attractions in the national park are Ngu Ho, Do Quyen waterfall, Hai Vong Dai, Tro Den forest trail. Besides, you can bring camping tents to rest, relax, and admire the wild mountain scenery.

The ticket price to visit the national park is 100,000 VND for adults and a half for children.

9. Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park is located in the northeast of Phu Quoc pearl island, Kien Giang province. This is one of the national parks in Vietnam with the most diverse ecosystems such as mountains, forests, seas, waterfalls, and streams.

This National Park is also home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Many orchids, rare herbs, and five mammals are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

As for the sea area, the park is also home to more than 120 species of coral and 62 species of seaweed, diverse in shape, size, and color. The fish and marine animals in the coral reefs are also highly variable, with rare species such as hawksbill turtles, sea cows, and giant clams.

With beautiful natural scenery, visiting this place will always in the top things to do on Phu Quoc island. You can contact the management board of Phu Quoc National Park if you want to update more necessary information related to traveling, moving, or visiting?

10. Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park is a famous nature reserve located in the northern area of Con Dao district; this is one of the few national parks in the world that converges all four ecosystems: forest, sea, submerged forests, and seagrass beds. Not only that, Con Dao National Park is currently home to the largest population of sea turtles and sea cows in Vietnam.

Con Dao - National parks in Vietnam

Tourism activities at this island are divided into forest eco-tourism and marine eco-tourism, including tours to see turtles lay eggs on Hon Tai, tours short time sees coral combined with swimming activities, visiting historical sites. The ticket price to visit the national park is 60,000 VND for adults, 10,000 – 20,000 VND for students.

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