How to get Vietnam E-visa For US Citizens ?

If you are a US citizen and you want to travel to Vietnam, the first thing is that you will need to apply for a Vietnamese visa to travel to this country. Below are the things you need to be prepared to apply for vietnam visa.

1.Vietnam Visa Requirements For US Citizens

  • Passport with a valid period of at least 06 months
  • 2 photos 2 inches x 2 inches available (Photos taken within 3 months)
  • Prepare some money to pay for the visa service fee

2.How To Apply For Vietnam Visa For US Citizens

There are two ways to apply for a visa to Vietnam for US citizens in the United States. These two ways to have advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the way that you find it easy and suitable for you

  2.1.Apply Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate

It is a little bit complicated to apply Vietnam visa from Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your country. This case requires Vietnamese consulate or embassy that has been established in your residence country.

But this problem may be solved in United States of America, because there is one Vietnamese embassy in Washington DC, two consulate in San Francisco and Houston-Texas. Therefore, apply Vietnam entry visa is easy for American.

  2.2.Apply Vietnam Visa Online (Recommended)

This is the most popular way today and it will save your time and money so much. Just a few minutes to fill in the form online then you confidently have visa to entry into Vietnam.

vietnam visa for us citizens

3. How to Get Vietnam Visa For US Citizens

  3.1.Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate


  1. Valid passport: Passport with a valid period of at least 06 months, not torn or blurred
  2. Application for a Vietnamese visa according to the completed form (this form you visit to download)
  3. 01 photo of 2 inches x 2 inches (taken straight, no black glasses, no hat, white background) if you submit your original passport to get a visa on your passport or submit 02 photos if you submit a copy of the household projector to receive a separate visa.


Direct payment in cash or Credit Card / Visa Card / Master Card when you come to apply at the Embassy

      Processing time:

3-5 working days. In case you want to receive your passport and / or visa by post: You prepare a postage paid envelope of the postal service with tracking number, indicating the recipient address;

You should take and save the tracking number to check the status of the envelope. To ensure, you should use express delivery services with tracking numbers of USPS, UPS and FedEx.

The embassy is not responsible in case of missing envelopes and documents because you use unsecured postal delivery services.

3.2. Vietnam Visa On Arrival / Vietnam E-Visa

  Step 1:

You access to website address: and fill in personal information, entry information …. according to the form displayed on the website and confirm the accuracy of the information you fill in. Then you pay the visa fee by Visa Card or Master Card

  Step 2:

After about 2 or 3 working days. The Immigration Department will send an email to the applicant for a PDF file, this PDF file is an E – Visa.

  Step 3:

You print the E -Visa file sent by the Immigration Agency via email

4.Instructions for entry by E-visa:

E- visas are used to enter and exit through 33 international border gates.You must present a valid passport and an E-Visa printout with the inspector at the border to be considered for entry.

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How to get Vietnam E-visa For US Citizens ?
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