Kết quả hình ảnh cho Traditional costumes in Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese Culture – Things you don’t know

With many wonderful natural landscapes like Da Lat, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Da Nang and a favorable climate. Vietnam deserves to be the country that you should visit this year. Not only that, what makes Vietnam more attractive in the eyes of tourists is the diverse and unique culture, but still bearing the traditional features. Here are what to know about Vietnamese Culture

1. Vietnamese Food Culture

Vietnamese Culture

There are many documents from ancient times that suggest that Vietnamese cuisine is deeply influenced by Chinese and French cuisine, but over the centuries Vietnamese people have gradually improved this combination. And create a unique and diverse Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is divided into three regions: North, Central and South. So the dishes are also very diverse in taste and color, because of the same ingredients but the processing of each region is different. In addition, fish sauce is also an indispensable part of meals and is the unique feature of Vietnamese cuisine, because without fish sauce many dishes will lose its delicious and charming flavor. Discovering Vietnamese culture through dishes is a way that all tourists love when traveling to Vietnam

2. Beliefs and religions

Vietnamese Culture


The spiritual life of the Vietnamese is influenced by three major religions: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Besides many pagoda and ancient temples, there are quite a number of ancient churches built in the time of Vietnam, which are still colonies of France. That means, Vietnamese people are very open to different cultures and lifestyles

Until today, the custom of ancestor worship is still the most important cultural value in Vietnam. Most families in Vietnam have an ancestral altar at home or at a business place. During special holidays such as New Year’s Day, the first day or the fifteenth day of the month (according to the lunar calendar).Vietnamese people often burn incense with worship items such as fruit and candy to pay homage to those family members died and prayed for peace and prosperity

3.Traditional Festivals 

The festival is one of the special features in Vietnamese Culture. As a country with 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam has many traditional festivals.

There are 2 parts in the festival: ceremony and society. The ceremony is to show respect to the gods and people’s wishes for health, wealth, luck and happiness for themselves and their loved ones. The society is a collective activity to help people participate in the festival to build trust and solidarity with each other.

One of the most popular and popular holidays in Vietnam is the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year is celebrated in most Asian countries, but it is clear that every Southeast Asian country has its own characteristics, and only in Vietnam do you feel the richness and warmth of the occasion this ceremony.

4. Traditional Costumes in Vietnamese Culture

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Traditional costumes in Vietnamese culture

Every nation in the world has a different kind of outfit, but when we look at those national costumes, we know immediately which country they came from. Like Japanese famous for their Kimono costumes, Chinese people have a Shanghai shirt that ladies and gentlemen often call “cheongsam.” Vietnam also has its own national costume, representing That national culture is the ao dai.

Ao dai is a traditional Vietnamese dress, covering the body from neck to knee too, for both men and women. Dresses are now often seen wearing school girls or Vietnamese women wearing formal occasions or big events of solemn nature. In the past, Ao Dai was not only for women but also for the men. In addition, conical hats are also considered an important accessory associated with traditional costumes in Vietnam. The woman Viet Nam usually wears a long dress and a white hat.

Besides long dresses, there are some other traditional costumes but not as popular as the four-piece dresses and ao ba ba

5. Enjoy Coffee in Vietnamese Culture


What makes Vietnam different from other Southeast Asian countries is that it is the culture of enjoying coffee. Vietnamese Na does not consider coffee as a quick drink, fighting sleepiness like the Americans but enjoying as a culture: sipping and thinking.

Sitting at a cup of coffee, they not only read newspapers, chat with friends and business partners but also contemplate life, people or simply watch people pass by. Vietnamese people sip coffee like Scottish people sipping whiskey, slowly slowly to fully enjoy the taste and talk, smoking with coffee

Not only that, Vietnamese Coffee drinking culture is very diverse, each region and each age has different ways of drinking. For example, Southerners often wrap coffee in a cloth and cook in a pot, they prefer to drink ice coffee rather than hot drink. In the North, mainly drink coffee in the style of French drip filter with very dense taste. The two most popular types of coffee in Vietnam are ice cold coffee and milk coffee. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, do not forget to enjoy these two wonderful coffee

In addition to visiting the best places to visit in Vietnam, finding out more about Vietnamese Culture will surely make your trip become a great and unforgettable trip.

Vietnamese Culture – Things you don’t know
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