9 Vietnamese Drinks You Should Try Once

By | April 29, 2022

If you are looking to learn about the drinks in Vietnam, I think you are at the right place. Because in the article, we will introduce 9 most popular Vietnamese drinks

1. Glutinous wine

Vietnamese men love rice wine with an alcohol content of about 29.5%, which is a traditional spirit. A great variety of snacks such as grilled dried squid, grilled meat, or seafood accompanies this drink. The sticky rice wine has a lighter alcohol content and a sweeter taste than a regular rice wine.

2. Fresh Coconut Water

This has been a popular drink in Vietnam throughout the centuries. Fresh coconut water does not need to add any other flavoring or flavoring agents.

Therefore, coconut water is naturally sweeter and has a more appealing taste than canned drinks. Usually, the small coconuts are more precious than the large ones. Coconuts are generally harvested when they are about 7 weeks old; if it is earlier, it will be pale, and later it will make the coconut taste salty.

3. Beer

Vietnamese people have the same drink beer culture, but in each region in Vietnam, there is a typical beer that is loved. For example, Saigonese often drink Saigon beer or beer 333, which are lighter in alcohol content and slightly sweeter taste than beers from other regions.

In the central region of Vietnam, popular local beers are Huda, and Bia La Ru, a slightly more bitter beer believed to have originated in France.

If you visit Hanoi without going to Ta Hien and Dinh Liet beer streets, try low-alcohol draft beer and attractive side dishes. I think you missed out on one of Hanoi’s great things to do.

4. Sugarcane Juice

This is one of Vietnam’s most popular refreshment drinks, often sold by sellers using an electric press to squeeze pure sugarcane juice from the cane stalk. Sellers often grind with 1-2 tiny kumquats to neutralize the sweetness and make the fragrant sugarcane juice.

5. Artichoke tea

Artichoke tea has liver cleansing and detoxifying properties. There are two versions of artichoke tea: a sweet yellow made from the artichoke flower and a dark bitter black version made from the stem. Artichokes are grown in Da Lat, Vietnam, and available artichoke tea packs are commonly sold in supermarkets.

6. Vietnamese Herbal Tea

This is considered the perfect street drink to enjoy in Vietnam’s hot and humid weather. According to Oriental medicine, the¬†ingredients of Vietnamese herbal tea include sugarcane, nettle leaves, grassroots, and corn silk, which have cooling properties, helping to cool down the body.

7. Lemon Tea

This tea is prepared very simply with romantic tea, sugar, lemon juice, and ice. Lemon tea has a sweet and sour taste that is easy to drink, served both on the sidewalk and in restaurants. This is one of the favorite Vietnamese drinks of Vietnamese youth.

8. Smoothies

This is a drink found everywhere in Vietnam with many fresh Vietnamese fruits: dragon fruit, apple, jackfruit, avocado, custard apple with ice, milk, and yogurt. Typically, there are two types of smoothies in Vietnam: fruit beams and smoothies.

9. Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is one of the leading coffee-producing and consuming countries in the world. There are two popular types of Vietnamese coffee to enjoy: Iced milk coffee (Iced coffee with condensed milk) or Iced coffee (Black iced coffee). In addition, another equally famous version is egg coffee; this drink is found and enjoyed by many international tourists.

Above is a list of 9 Vietnamese drinks; we hope that if you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, you should try one of the drinks that we have listed in the article.

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