12 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Flowers

By | July 15, 2022

Vietnam is a country with many beautiful flowers, and each flower has a different beauty and meaning. Today, this article will introduce the 12 most beautiful Vietnamese flowers.

1. Lotus flower

The Lotus is unofficially recognized as the national flower of Vietnam. This is an aquatic plant whose rhizome grows in the mud while the leaves and flowers float on the water’s surface.

The Lotus flower has a light and cool scent. In Vietnam, this flower is a symbol of the purity and innocence of Vietnamese women.

2. Apricot flower

The Apricot flower is one of the indispensable Vietnamese flowers every Lunar New Year in South Vietnam, almost every family has a flower pot to keep in the yard and a flower pot to display in the house.

Apricot flowers bring brilliant beauty and symbolize fortune, luck, and freshness. Thin petals and light fragrances characterize apricot flowers. Each flower bud usually has five petals; in particular, there are ten petals.

3. Rose

Roses are consistently ranked in the list of the most beautiful flowers anywhere, not only in Vietnam. In Vietnam, a few species of domestic roses exist, such as Da Lat Rose, Sapa Rose, and Hai Phong rose.

With a sweet fragrance and beautiful color. Roses are often used on Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day.

4. Orchids

Orchids are a symbol of luxury and full of purity. This flower has a seductive fragrance and great beauty making them become one of the most beautiful flowers in Vietnam.

There are hundreds of different types of orchids, and correspondingly, they have a lot of different colors. Each color has its symbolic meaning.

5. Chrysanthemum

Although not as luxurious as orchids nor as beautiful as roses, chrysanthemums are one of the most popular Vietnamese flowers with their idyllic beauty.

Chrysanthemum is a flower that symbolizes integrity and nobility. According to feng shui, chrysanthemums also bring the family fortune and joy in the new year.

6. Peach blossom

If the South has the yellow color of apricot blossom, the North has the pink color of peach blossom. Peach blossom branches or peach blossom pots are indispensable in every family in North Vietnam during the Lunar New Year.

Peach flowers are single or double bunches; flower diameter is about 2.5cm to 3cm. This flower has various colors, from white to light pink or deep pink. Because the Peach Blossom usually blooms in late winter and early spring, it bears a symbol of fertility.

7. Porcelain Flower

Porcelain flowers are flowers with five petals, color from white to pink or red. These flowers bloom all year round, not seasonally like other flowers; they have a gentle scent and symbolize strong vitality and pure beauty. Therefore, you will often see porcelain flowers appear in temples in Vietnam.

8. Gladiolus

Gladiolus is a type of flower with a long vertical stem with flowers blooming down the branch. This flower has many colors, including orange, red, pink, and yellow.

Vietnamese people often like to arrange gladiolus flowers on the Tet holiday because this flower lasts a long time and does not need to be cared for too carefully. Besides, this flower also has a lot of spiritual meanings, and good feng shui is suitable for Vietnamese culture.

9. Phoenix Flower

The phoenix flower is a flower you can see when walking along the roads in big cities of Vietnam or inside schools.

This flower usually blooms from April to June, depending on the climatic conditions of each area. The phoenix petals have four petals spreading out about 8cm long; the 5th petal is straight.

Because phoenix flowers often bloom at time end of the school year in Vietnam, it is also the farewell season for senior students. So in Vietnam, this flower has another name, “Hoa Hoc Tro”.

10. Tuberose

The tuberose is a special flower that usually blooms at night and gives off a fragrance at night and in the rain. Therefore, tuberose is also known as fragrant flowers at night.

This flower is a symbol of the purity and beauty of youth. In Vietnam, lilies are often used to decorate ancestral altars during the Tet holidays.

With colors are youthful, simple but eye-catching, along with the gentle fragrance. Tuberose always makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

11. Lily

The Lily is a flower with large soft petals, bending slightly backward. A longitudinal slit with black dots inside is in the middle of the petals.

A tree Lily has lots of flowers and buds. A flower blooms and fades, but the next flowers will continue to bloom. So the Lily can be used for decorating for a long time.

The Lily has a very characteristic, gentle fragrance and symbolizes nobility and luxury. Therefore, Vietnamese people often use them to decorate their homes during the Lunar New Year or special occasions.

12. Ban Flower

Ban flower is a small woody tree grown mainly in the Northwest region of Vietnam; the tree has a height of 2 – 6 m; the stem is rough, gray, and has many branches.

This flower, when blooming, has a pleasant fragrance and five petals spread into a fan shape with many colors such as purple, white, and red, but the most popular is still white.

In March every year, Ban flowers bloom and cover the mountains and forests of Northwest Vietnam, creating a poetic and romantic scene. Visitors coming here can easily see ban flowers everywhere.

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