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Why did the US lose the Vietnam War?

To this day, Americans and mainly American historians are still vaguely contradictory to why did the US lose the Vietnam war? The following general article of us is the most remarkable ideas and views about the cause of the failure of the US during the Vietnam War.  1. Green Forest Hell This is the name… Read More »

How To Say Hello & Thank You in Vietnamese

If you want to have a great trip to Vietnam, I think you should learn a few typical Vietnamese phases before backpacking through Vietnam. For example, hello and thank you in Vietnamese. 1. How To Say Hello / Hi in Vietnamese “Xin Chao” is one of the words that tourists need to learn before traveling… Read More »

Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Please read the article Vietnam Airlines Reviews of us to know the quality of service on Vietnam Airlines flights before booking your flight and backpacking in Vietnam. 1. History Of Vietnam Airlines From humble beginnings in 1956 as the civilian branch of North Vietnam’s Air Force, equipped with Soviet-era aircraft, Vietnam Airlines has transformed into… Read More »